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For:    Christopher Wyant, Esq. | Wyant Law Office
Date: August 3, 2021
Custom Leads and Digital Marketing Report:

Discover the THREE (3) Top Reasons WHY New Leads (Potential Clients) Call Your Competitors' Law Firms and NOT Yours, and Most Importantly... Learn How to Fix FAST and Get up to an Additional 100-500+ New Phone And Web Form Leads Every Month!
Did you know that...

Your law firm is currently missing out on countless new phone and web form leads ("Leads") every month?!

This is a very important question to consider given that almost every single law firm we speak to about our services are not (with many not even close to) maximizing their new monthly Leads (prior to working with us), resulting in...

New Leads (and clients) lost forever, slipping through the cracks, all for their competitors to take full advantage of, week after week, month after month.

For the past 11 years, we've worked with and helped law firms like yours get more Leads and clients and, during this time...

We've identified several major reasons new Leads and clients slip through lawyers' hands and into the arms of their competitors, along with proven solutions, so...

If you want to get up to an additional 100 to 500 (or more) exclusive new Leads every month like our law firm clients here, each with 206, 542, 208, 416, 392 and 168 new phone Leads, respectively, that we generated for in only 30 days...
We highly recommend addressing and quickly fixing the following three (3) Leads disruptors negatively impacting your ability to generate new Leads and clients to put youreself in prime position to MAXIMIZE your monthly Leads:
  • Leads Disruptor #1:  Your Google Reviews Profile;

  • Leads Disruptor #2:  Your GMB Listing and Website's Lack of Online Visibility; and

  • Leads Disruptor #3:  Your Website's Slow Load Speed.
Leads Disruptor #1:
Your Google Reviews Profile
Google reviews are the top Leads disruptor that can negatively impact your ability to maximize your Leads...even when you have the other two (2) major Lead disruptors taken care of.

That's because nothing slows down generating new Leads (and clients) faster than a poor or lackluster "Google reviews profile" as up to...

97% of all people searching online for products and services, including legal services, first look for and read 2-11 reviews before deciding whether to contact a particular law firm, including your firm, or, one of your competitor's firms.    

Your "Google reviews profile" includes your firm's:
  • Total number of Google reviews;

  • Overall Google reviews rating;

  • Ability to generate (and have) a continuous flow of new 5-star Google reviews; along with

  • Additional review factors your potential Leads may consider before deciding whether to call or submit a web lead form to you or another law firm, such as recent bad review(s); age of reviews; etc.
Your profile must also be competitive (or better) compared to your competitors' profiles in your city + practice area(s), e.g indianapolis car accident lawyer, divorce attorney indianapolis, etc.

If it isn't, you're leaving Leads on the table, which your competition will benefit from.

Since 2011, we've been generating Leads and providing other digital marketing services to law firms of all sizes and marketing budgets.

During this time, we've seen first-hand, the devastation poor or even below average Google reviews profiles have on law firms' abilities to generate Leads, even firms (like yours) who have an overall 5.0 Google reviews rating, however, only a few or handful of Google reviews.

This is not surprising when, according to BrightLocal's (Annual) December 2020 Consumer Reviews Survey:
  • 93% read 2-11 reviews before deciding which law firm to call;

  • 85% of potential Leads trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member;

  • Only 48% say they will even consider a local business, including law firms, with less than 4.0 star rating; along with

  • Additional review survey data proving your need for a stellar Google reviews profile, which you can learn more about by clicking here.
Absent improving your Google reviews profile...

...Lead generation can be an ongoing, long-term challenge for law firms resulting in...

Fewer new Leads and less new clients.

And, most law firms aren't even aware their Google reviews profiles may be causing them to leave...

Countless new Leads, clients and additional legal fees on the table for their competitors to take advantage of (and they do).

After all, potential Leads don't call or email you to tell you they called one of your competitors and not you because of your Google reviews profile.

What's important to understand is that your typical potential Leads are busy, impatient and want to search, find and make a fast decision on which law firm to call now, which is why up to...

97% go straight to Google Maps, quickly read 2-11 reviews for each law firm they find and consider, including your reviews, then...

Decide which law firm to call, them call them, all or largely based on...

Which firm Leads think have the best Google reviews profile.

Here's the bottom line:

You have up to 17 seconds (or less) to make a good first impression, which is WHY you must...

ALWAYS have a great Google reviews profile, including a continuous, ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews, like we get our law firm clients here...
Because if you don't...

Your Leads flow will be negatively impacted, resulting in...

Fewer leads, closing fewer new clients and bringing in less in additional legal fees.

So for you, the big question to answer now is:
Is Your Google Reviews Profile Excellent AND as Good (or Better) Than ALL Your Competitors’ Profiles?
In reviewing your Google reviews profile, we advise and highly recommend you immediately improve it as you only have four (4) total Google reviews with your most recent review being outdated at 10 months old, as shown in the following screenshots of: i) Your GMB listing; and ii) Google reviews:
Your Google My Business (GMB Listing)
Your Google Reviews
Without an excellent Google reviews profile, you will (continue topay more for new Leads and clients, period.

Fortunately, we have proven resources and solutions to quickly improve your Google reviews profile to stellar status and get more Leads to consult with and convert to new clients and additional legal fees.

To learn more, watch the following short video and click on the link immediately below it for your Google reviews profile resources:
Leads Disruptor #2:
Your GMB Listing and Website's Lack of Online Visibility Resulting in Potential Clients NOT Finding You While Looking For Your Legal Services Online
Having minimal Google My Business ("GMB") listing and website online visibility are massive Leads disruptors and new client acquisition killers because...

Google search is the #1 new Leads source.

As of June, 2021, a whopping 91.5%+ of all people searching online in the U.S. search with Google...

With the remaining nine (9) top search engines collectively getting less than a measly 8.5% market share.

In other words, more than 9 out of every 10 potential clients, on average, search Google to find your legal services.

As the top online Leads sources, you can leverage Google's local search ("Google Maps") and organic search results by increasing your GMB listing and website's online visibility and when you do, you can...

Generate an ongoing flood of Leads every month.

So how do you increase your GMB listing and website's online visibility?


By properly optimizing each with search engine optimization ("SEO").

Here's a breakdown of how SEO generates law firm Leads:
SEO = Increased Rankings >> Increased Online Traffic >> More Leads >> More Clients >> More Legal Fees
By improving your GMB listing and website's online visibility (rankings), SEO...

Increases your online traffic (visitors to your GMB listing and website) which...

Generates more Leads for you to...

Consult with and convert more Leads to clients, resulting in...

More legal fees.

Here are a few of our law firm clients' Google Maps results, all of which are...

Appearing in the top 3 results aka the coveted Google Maps "3-Pack," which when...

Your GMB listing is ranking in the 3-Pack for one (1) or more high-value keywords...

Your phones ring off the hook with new Leads (especially when you have a great Google reviews profile like these law firms or get one fast as shown in Leads Disruptor #1's resources above):
As I showed you at the onset of this custom report, if you want to get up to an additional 100 to 500 (or more) exclusive new Leads every month like our law firm clients here, each with 206, 542, 208, 416, 392 and 168 new phone Leads, respectively, that we generated for in only 30 days...
...You must address and fix your major online challenges negatively impacting your ability to generate new Leads.

And when it comes to digital marketing for law firms (and most all other industries), nothing beats the potential, power and profitability of having your GMB listing found in the top three of the Google Maps local search results (“3-Pack”) because...

...The 3-Pack is where a majority of your potential clients look to first when searching online for your legal services.

In many instances, the 3-Pack is the only place potential clients look at before making their decision on which firm to call and retain for their respective cases.

This makes increasing your GMB listing's online visibility into the 3-Pack a must.

If you don't, you will (continue to) leave leads, clients and fees on the table for your competitors to happily take advantage of.

When your GMB listing is in the 3-Pack for the various keywords prospects search to find your legal services, you put yourself in prime position to dominate your market, generate an ongoing flow of exclusive phone leads and scale your firm to the next level and beyond.

After all, Google Maps local search traffic is the single-most valuable online traffic source for law firms to convert to exclusive Leads and new clients because of each searcher’s "intent."

For example, when a person searches Google for one of your keywords, such as “indianapolis personal injury lawyer," he or she is most likely researching and/or intending to find an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer or law firm to consult with and potentially help them and/or a loved one with a personal injury-related case or claim.

This keyword alone gets about 1,000 monthly Google searches per Google's Keyword Planner Tool and, along with s similar keyword "personal injury lawyers in indianapolis," they combined get about 2,000 monthly Google searches.

Additionally, another one of your valuable keywords, "indianapolis car accident lawyer," gets another 880 monthly Google searches while "car accident lawyer in indianapolis" gets 40 monthly Google searches.

On a combined basis, just four (4) of your above-referenced keywords get about 2,920 combined monthly Google searches, as shown here:
Here are the current 3-Pack results, along with your GMB listing's rankings (in red) for the following two (2) high-intent, high-value keywords:
Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer (1,000/Mo Searches)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking: #70
Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer (880/Mo Searches)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking: #154
As you can see above, your GMB listing is currently not found in either 3-Pack for these high-value keywords.

To find your GMB listing, a prospect needs to bypass the 3-Pack listings, click or tap (on mobile) on the "View all" link at the bottom of each 3-Pack, go to page 4 of the search results and scroll down to find your listing in the #70 ranking position for "indianapolis personal injury lawyer," then click on your GMB listing; and, go to page 8 and scroll down to #154 for "indianapolis car accident lawyer," then click on your listing.

The likelihood of either above scenario occurring is effectively none as each of your above competitors in each 3-Pack have solid Google review ratings and more than enough reviews that most potential clients searching this keyword will end up calling one of these law firms.

That's close to 1,900 monthly Google searches you're missing out on every month...for just two (2) keywords.

That's up to HUNDREDS of monthly Leads you're missing out on, again for just those two (2) keywords.

Think of all the other keywords your potential clients searching for your legal services every single day and...

ALL the Leads you're (currently) missing out on, month in and month out, every month?!

Unless (and until) you properly optimize your GMB listing for these and other high-value keywords, you will continue to miss out on countless leads and clients that could otherwise be yours.

Now that you know the power and potential of your GMB listing generating new Leads when it is found in the 3-Pack for these and other keywords, I have an important question for you:

Want to quantitatively know and estimate the number of new Leads, clients and additional legal fees your firm can generate each month when...

Your GMB listing and website are ranking in the 3-Pack and page 1 of Google, respectively, for one (1) or more of your primary keywords?

Great news because now you can with our new, proprietary Law Firm GMB Listing + Website Leads & ROI Estimation Calculator.

With our high in-demand tool, you'll finally be able to...

Estimate the financial power and value your GMB listing and website have when properly optimized to increase your rankings and online traffic to generate more Leads.

Our powerful tool works for both contingency fee-based and non-contingency fee-based law firms and...

I ran an estimate, which you may watch in the below video and is based on the following assumptions:

- 2,920 monthly Google searches (for just four (4) of your primary keywords)
- $10,000 average client/case lifetime value
- 30% Lead-to-client conversion/closing rate
- $4,000 monthly SEO investment.
As you just watched, your law firm estimates include, on a monthly basis, an additional:

- 175 new Leads per month
- 53 new clients per month
- $176,649 additional net legal fees per month
4,416% return on investment

And, your law firm's annual new Leads, new clients and additional net legal fees are estimated at:

- 12,102 new Leads per year
- 631 new clients per year
- $2,103,123 additional net legal fees per year
4,382% return on investment
*To use our FREE Law Firm GMB Listing + Website Leads & ROI Estimation Calculator, click here.

While the above figures are estimates, they quantify and reveal what is possible when your GMB listing and rank for just a few keywords.

We're talking up to $176,000 (or more) of additional monthly NET legal fee revenue for your firm, which would be an incredible 4,416% estimated ROI.

Now imagine if your GMB listing and/or website ranked for more keywords...

It would open up the floodgates to more Leads...and/or if your actual client conversion (closing) rate is higher than the 30% I used in the above estimate?

Or, let's say your additional monthly NET legal fee revenue only increased 50% of the above estimate; I suspect you'd still be very pleased with an extra $1,000,000 per year, right?!

My point is that increasing your GMB listing and website's online visibility represents a massive opportunity for you to leverage and take advantage of now, all for a very reasonable monthly investment with huge upside potential for you.

With such great potential, I highly recommend you take advantage of your massive opportunity to take your firm to the next level and beyond with our proven SEO services.

If your firm continues to not take advantage of your GMB listing and website's new Leads potential...

You cannot maximize your new Leads, new clients and/or legal fee revenue growth to the levels you'd like and deserve as I've just shown in your above estimate.

Don't let this (continue to) happen and instead...

Learn how our proven optimization can get your phones ringing off the hook with new Leads by calling, texting or emailing me with my contact information found at the bottom of this page.
Click Here For Your Proper, Proven Optimization Resources
Leads Disruptor #3: 
Your Website's Slow Load Speed
*Image Immediately above courtesy of Delesign Graphics
If either your website's desktop and/or mobile versions load slow...

Not only will some (or many) of your potential Leads who clicked to go to your website but instead "bounced," that is...

Your (potential) site visitors abandon their search and don't visit your site beyond initial page because it took too long to load.

When this happens...

You immediately lose Leads along with, potential new clients and additional legal fees due to...

Lost website traffic, potential visitors (and clients) that most likely will never return...

Except if they do a search of your law firm's name ("Branded Search") looking specifically for your firm's website and/or other digital assets, which doesn't usually happen.

It's IMPORTANT that you know Google takes your website's speed and optimization into consideration when ranking your site as well as your GMB listing as they are interrelated for Google's ranking purposes.

Thus, and along with proper GMB listing and website SEO, you also need...

Fast desktop and mobile page loading speeds to help...

Increase your GMB listing(s) and website's online visibility, along with getting...

Higher rankings for more traffic and more Leads to consult with and convert a percentage (closing rate) to new clients.

Google's algorithm includes site speed as a ranking factor and...

Site load speed is a major component of Google's new "Page Experience" algorithm update, which began rolling out mid-June, 2021, and is expected to be fully-implemented by the end of this month, August, 2021.

Even prior to the Page Experience update, slow site load speeds resulted in lower Google rankings, which means fewer website and GMB listing(s) visitors, resulting in less (or no) Leads.

In fact, Google/Deloitte research data indicates that more than 50% of (intended) site visitors will abandon visiting your site when your speed is 3.0 seconds or more.

So if your site's load speed is 3.0 seconds or slower...

You're losing 50%+ of your website's traffic without even knowing it and...

Lost traffic means lost Leads, lost clients, less legal fees!

In short, your site's speed is mission critical.

Now in your case, we've tested your website's speed with Think With Google's Test My Site tool and, as you see in the below screenshot...

Your website's mobile page speed is currently 3.6 seconds and rated "poor" by Google.
However, it's not all doom and gloom because also according to Google/Deloitte...

"Improving your (website's) load time by 0.1 seconds can boost conversion rates by 8%."

In other words, a faster website can result in converting and closing more Leads to new clients for additional legal fees.

Now to really understand the financial impact of your website's slow page load speed, the Think With Google website not only has Google's mobile page speed test, it also includes...

Google's ROI calculator to estimate your firm's annual revenue increase by improving your site's current speed.

In many instances, we've seen law firm's with an estimated six to seven figure annual revenue increase simply by making their website load faster.

Yes, up to a 6-7 figure increase in ANNUAL revenue.

For your firm, we ran Google's calculator that estimated you could potentially increase your annual revenue by more than $106,000 per year when you improve your site's speed from just 3.6 to 2.0 seconds, based on 500 monthly site visitors, a 3% conversion rate and average client/case lifetime value of $10,000:
All ROI estimates are based on your actual data and/or assumptions, along with Google/Deloitte's legal industry data and research.
Now that you see the (huge) potential financial impact your website's current slow speed may be having on your firm's annual revenues, I highly recommend your website be redesigned to optimize for speed.

By doing so, not only will you have a faster website, you can lower your site's bounce rate, keep more visitors on your site and, as a result, have the opportunity to convert more visitors into new Leads.

In the meantime, here our your desktop and mobile site speed resources and solutions that you'll want to immediately check out and review:

Click Here For Your Site Speed Resources
Your Next Step...
Call, Text or Email us Now to Claim Your FREE Strategy Session:
During your 20-30 minute FREE strategy call, we'll review and discuss your firm's current marketing goals and how to quickly and effectively implement strategies and systems to eliminate one, more or all your above Leads disruptors to generate more Leads for you to consult with and convert to new clients.

And remember:

The more Leads disruptors you take care of...

The MORE Leads, new clients and additional legal fees you can get to take your firm to the next level and beyond.

Also during your free strategy call, we'll also discuss, depending on your goals and objectives, potential alternative and/or additional Leads solutions and services, along with your own customized Leads and digital marketing plan.

And even if our services do not turn out to be a fit for your firm, we'll still provide you our expert suggestions and recommendations on how to generate more Leads.

This means you have absolutely nothing to lose (and new leads, clients and additional legal fees to gain) by scheduling and attending your FREE strategy call, so be sure to...
Call, Text or Email Me Now and Claim your FREE Strategy Session, at:
Christopher, thank you for your time reading and reviewing your three (3) Law Firm Leads Disruptors we found your law firm to have.

With our proven Leads resources, services and solutions, we can turn your Google reviews profile, GMB listing and website into your very own new Leads and new client acquisition machines.

Feel free to call, text or email any questions you have as well as to schedule your FREE strategy call.

Even if we don't end up working together, you and your firm will benefit greatly from our free consultation, suggestions and recommendations, along with your law firm's above estimated new Leads, new clients, additional legal fee revenue and ROI report.

Talk soon,

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