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Lawyer SEOWith our law firm search engine optimization (“SEO”) service, we put your firm in prime position to get a continuous flow of big wins by increasing your firm’s online visibility (rankings) on Google to generate more online traffic, your digital lifeblood for getting highly-targeted, exclusive phone and web form leads (“Leads”) to consult with and convert to new clients.

The general evolution with lawyer SEO is:

SEO = Increased Rankings => Increased Online Traffic => More Leads => More Clients => More Legal Fees

Our proven, proprietary law firm SEO service is comprised of two (2) components:

  • Google Maps Local SEO (“Maps SEO”)
  • Organic (Website) SEO (“Organic SEO”)

Maps SEO

Our Maps SEO service generates Leads by increasing your GMB listing’s rankings on page 1 of Google; specifically, in the top 3 of the Google Maps local search results (the “3-Pack”) for valuable, high-intent keywords and phrases your potential clients are searching Google to find your legal services.

If you’re not sure what a GMB listing and/or 3-Pack are, here’s the 3-Pack for the keyword phrase miami personal injury lawyer:

The 3-Pack is made up of three (3) law firms’ GMB listings for a specific keyword. When a prospect clicks on any one of these top GMB listings, it opens up and provides a potential lead with additional information for the law firm they clicked on.

With our proven Maps SEO service strategies, we can get your phones ringing off the hook with phone Leads seeking your legal services, along with web form Leads to promptly follow-up with, by increasing your GMB listing’s rankings into the 3-Pack.

For example, in the image below, we helped law firm clients get 206, 542 and 208 phone Leads in just one (1) month or less, respectively:

Lawyer Marketing Phone Leads

Our Maps SEO service includes our proprietary Accelerated Maps SEO strategy and process, which we institute at the onset of your GMB listing’s Maps SEO campaign.

During acceleration, our expert SEO team will work diligently and compress six (6) months of our initial GMB listing optimization work and complete same in only 60-90 days of your start date.

By accelerating our Maps SEO upfront, we can generate quicker results for you, which can translate into more Leads faster for you, thus providing you with more opportunities to consult with and convert more Leads to your firm’s newest clients.

At the conclusion of the acceleration period, we then continue optimizing your GMB listing with advanced and other Maps SEO strategies and methods to not only enhance and/or maintain your GMB listing’s keyword rankings, but also generate Leads, both quickly and on an ongoing basis.

To date, our teams have ranked 2,100+ Google My Business (GMB) listings in the 3-Pack for tens of thousands of relevant, competitive keywords that generate massive amounts of both phone and web form Leads, along with additional website traffic, for our clients.

IMPORTANT – Do You Have More Than One (1) Location? If you have multiple offices with corresponding GMB listings, our Maps SEO service can amplify your results and generate even more Leads for your law firm when you engage our Maps SEO service on more than one of your GMB listings…and we provide you with a multi-GMB listing discount for each additional GMB listing using our Maps SEO service.

To learn why your GMB listing(s) can be your firm’s top Leads source, click here.

Also, to get your FREE GMB Rankings Report, which allows you to instantly find out if your law firm’s GMB listing ranks in the 3-Pack, including your exact current rankings. If not, you’ll learn your GMB listing’s ranking positions within the top 20 results of the Google Maps local search results. If you rank lower than the 20th position, you’ll also find that out, too. Regardless of your report’s results, the good news is you’ll now be informed and know where you currently stack up against your competition, so claim your FREE rankings report now, at:

Organic SEO

With our Organic SEO service, you can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE (2X-3X+) your Google page 1 visibility and exposure when, in addition to ranking your GMB listing(s) in the 3-Pack for high-intent keywords potential prospects are searching to find your legal services, your website also ranks on Google page 1 for those same keywords.

When you accomplish this, you’re in prime position to exponentially boost your number of Leads generated and crush your competition.

With our proven Organic SEO service, we can help you do just that…and more.

To date, our team has built 1,000+ and ranked 2,600+ websites on page 1 of Google for more than 100,000+ keywords.

And, we are only getting started.

In addition to our proprietary organic optimization strategies and methods, our Organic SEO includes: i) confirming your website is mobile-friendly, which is vital given that up to 75% of local search traffic is on a mobile device, and making any recommendations and revisions; ii) testing site speed as a slow website is a one of the leading causes of site visitors leaving (or “bouncing”) resulting in lost traffic and potential revenue; and iii) much more.

Get ready and take your next step to attract, qualify and convert high-intent search engine traffic into your newest Leads and, ultimately, your law firm’s newest clients, and…

…Contact us today for your free strategy session, at:

Call or Text: (843) 290-9950

Two (2) Important Items:

  1. Maps and Organic SEO Leads Return on Investment (“ROI”) Estimation Calculator – Click Here: Discover the massive Leads potential, along with your estimated profitability and ROI you can generate and achieve with our proprietary SEO services. Be prepared to have your mind-blown.
  2. If you have no, few, negative, mature (more than 2 weeks to 3 months old) Google reviews and/or a Google reviews rating of less than 5.0, you need Google reviews and reputation marketing help. Otherwise, you will not maximize your Leads and will leave not only Leads, but also clients on the table for your competitors to take advantage of. The good news is we can help you fix and improve your Google reviews profile fast while also implementing our SEO services. For important Google reviews information, including our lightning quick and permanent, automated solution, click here to visit our Rapid Reviews page now.
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