Turn Your Google My Business Listing and Website into Your Firm's Phone Leads and Client Acquisition Machines!

For: Shaunie Kirkland, Paralegal & Charles Roseman, Esq.
Law Office of Charles S. Roseman & Associates  
Original Date: February 1, 2021
Updated Date: April 28, 2021

Hi Shaunie and Charles,

Thanks again for your interest in our law firm leads services. Below you will find in-depth research and analysis regarding how we can help you generate up to 100-300+ phone and web form leads each month.

You will also find the estimated number of additional new leads, clients and legal fees that can be generated on a monthly and annual basis with our lead services recommend below.    

As you will see ini the next few minutes, I reveal exactly how your firm can very realistically add up to $900,000 to $1,800,000 or more of additional net fee revenue each year with our recommended services.
 Your Key to More Phone Leads and Clients:

Google Maps and Organic Local Search Results  
By taking advantage of our proven Accelerated Maps and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Leads services, your firm can quickly and easily add up to an additional 100-300+ exclusive phone leads every month for your firm...

...Just like one of our personal injury law firm clients where we generated 542 phone leads in one (1) month, including 158 phone leads from their Google My Business ("GMB") listing and 132 phone leads from their website as shown here: 
How are we able to do this?

Simple. On average, more than 91% of prospects search on Google to find your legal services.  That means you MUST be found on Google, period.  

And, when it comes to law firm lead generation and new client acquisition, we find nothing beats the power and profitability of leveraging SEO to get your GMB listing* found in the top three (3) Google Maps local search results (aka the “3-Pack”) and your website found at or near the top of page 1 of Google when potential clients are searching for your legal services online.

*IMPORTANTYou MUST claim and verify your GMB listing ASAP for several reasons, including: i) until you do, anyone, including your competition, may do so, which would immediately lock you out and put your GMB listing at risk of someone using it to your detriment; ii) giving you the ability to reply to all Google reviews, which you need to do to be in both prospect's and Google's good graces in terms of potentially higher rankings; and iii) managing and optimizing your GMB listing to: a) increase its ranking in Google's search results for keywords your potential clients are searching to find your legal services; and, as a result: b) generate exclusive phone and web form leads to consult with and convert to new clients.Until you claim and verify your GMB listing, and then optimize, you will continue to leave countless leads, clients and revenues on the table for your competition to continue to take advantage of. Let us know if you need assistance claiming, verifying and optimizing your GMB listing.

Now, when your GMB listing is claimed, verified and properly optimized, it can be ranked in the 3-Pack, which increases your firm's online visibility, branding, traffic and most importantly, your phone can ring off the hook and you can exponentially grow your client base.

The primary reason your GMB listing is so powerful for generating leads when found in the 3-Pack for high-value keywords prospects are searching for is because virtually everything they need to make their decision to call you to discuss their case matter can be found in your GMB listing, including your firm's:

-Phone Number
-Website URL
-Business Hours
-Law Firm Description
-Legal Category
-Google Reviews (VERY Important)
-Google Reviews Rating
-Appointment Booking
-Messaging (New)
-And More

This makes having each of your GMB listing's online visibility in the 3-Pack for as many relevant searched keywords as possible an absolute must to give your firm the ultimate advantage over your competition and generate an ongoing flood of phone and web form leads.

And if you don't?

You will (continue to) leave leads, clients and fees on the table for your competitors to happily take advantage of, which for some valuable keywords (as you will see below), they are currently doing.

Just like physical real estate, when it comes to digital real estate, location, location, location is key. To generate endless phone leads, your GMB listing and website need to be found on the single-most valuable online/virtual real estate:

Page 1 of Google.

After all, Google local search traffic is the single-most valuable online traffic source for law firms to convert from cold traffic to exclusive phone leads and clients because of each searcher’s "intent."

For example, when a person searches Google for one of your practice area's keywords, such as “san diego personal injury attorney,"  which gets about 1,600 monthly Google searches (per Google's Keyword Planner Tool), he or she is overwhelming most likely researching and/or intending to find a San. Diego area personal injury lawyer or law firm to consult with for a personal injury-related case or claim for themself and/or loved one.

Additionally, for car accident cases/clients, "san diego car accident lawyer" gets about 880 monthly Google searches each month or, about 2,480 combined monthly Google searches for just these two keywords, as shown here:
In addition to these two (2) high-value keywords, there are many more related keywords that thousands of potential clients are searching to find your legal services each and every month, which means up to THOUSANDS of leads are yours for the taking every month.

However, unless and until your GMB listing is found ranked in the 3-Pack and your website on page 1 of Google, your firm will continue to miss out on literally hundreds if not thousands of cases each and every month.

For example, for the two (2) above-referenced, high-value keywords (and others), the current 3-Packs, along with your current rankings, are as follows:
San Diego Personal Injury Attorney (1,600 Searches/Mo)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking: None
Your Website's Current Ranking: Not in Top 100
San Diego Car Accident Lawyer (880 Searches/Mo)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking: None
Your Website's Current Ranking: Not in Top 100
As you see immediately above your GMB listing is currently not found anywhere in the above 3-Packs for either of these high-value keywords. This is because your GMB listing is not qualified to be in the Maps local search results until it is claimed and verified.

This is why you need to claim and verify your GMB listing ASAP.

Typically, to find your listing, a prospect must bypass the 3-Pack listings, click or tap (on mobile) on the "View all" link at the bottom of both 3-Packs (see these links in above images) and keep scrolling down to find your GMB listing for either keyword.

However, because your firm has yet to claim and verify your GMB listing, as shown in the screenshot below, you cannot manage your listing and, it will NEVER appear in any Maps local search results for any keyword, which effectively means you're missing out on hundreds, perhaps even more, of prospects and cases each and every month.
Accordingly, we highly recommend you claim and verify your GMB listing now, at:


If you have any questions and/or need assistance in claiming and verifying it, please let me know.

After you've claimed and verified your GMB listing, you need to properly optimize it to move it into the 3-Pack for high-value keywords just like your above competitors, including King Aminpour, Mova Law Group and Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. 

Then, instead of sitting on the sidelines and missing out on countless leads and clients as you currently are, your GMB listing can replace one of your competitor's listings and YOUR law firm can then get an ongoing massive flow of exclusive phone leads each month.

As you can also see in the above 3-Packs, your competitor law firms have solid Google review ratings and more than enough reviews for prospective clients to read and reach a decision on which firm to call to discuss their matter.

It's important to note that Google (and other) reviews are very significant and key to not only getting more phone leads, but also higher conversions; that is, converting more leads to new clients. That's because about 80% of people - including potential clients - trust online reviews from complete strangers as much as a personal recommendation from a family member or friends.

With only five (5) Google reviews and a 4.2 overall review rating, it is also critical for your firm to generate more 5-Star Google reviews, which we can show you how to do in a lightning quick and easy way.

At this point, I hope you now understand the sheer number of potential clients you're currently missing out on - we're talking at least hundreds of potential clients each and every month - I'm sure you'd like your GMB listing to be found in the 3-Pack for the above and many other high-value, phone lead-producing keywords, right?

And, when your website is found on page 1 of Google for the above and additional high-value, phone lead-producing keywords, you can exponentially increase your online traffic, along with your phone and web form leads. Currently, your website is not ranked in the top 100 for either keyword, which is the first 10 pages of Google for each keyword search result. We can fix that, but first...

Next, lets quantify what ranking in the 3-Pack and on page 1 of Google could mean to your firm in terms of new phone leads, new clients and additional legal fees, along with your estimated ROI for investing in increasing your GMB listing and website's online visibility into the 3-Pack and page 1 of Google, respectively.

To do so, we developed our proprietary Google Maps and Website SEO ROI calculator with estimates based on:

i) the number of monthly Google searches for your primary keywords; that is, the most popular keywords potential clients search to find your legal services on your GMB listing and website;
ii) your average gross fee per client;
iii) your lead to client conversion rate ("Closing Rate"); and
iv) your monthly SEO investment

To give you an example of what is possible for your firm when your GMB listing and website are ranked in the 3-Pack and page 1 of Google for just the two (2) above keywords, respectively, we ran the following scenario:

a) 2,480 Monthly Searches
b) $10,000 Average Gross Fee Per Client
c) 30% Conversion Rate, and
d) $5,000 Monthly SEO Investment*

*For estimation purposes only. Actual monthly fee may be lower, higher or same and is customized based on many factors including, market (city), number of keywords optimizing for, competition, etc.

Click the arrow to start and watch the following short video we recorded for you and where we explain how the calculator works, run and calculate the above scenario and discuss a few additional important topics:
Based on the above assumptions, your estimated monthly and annual additional new leads, clients and net fee revenue results are as follows:

Monthly Contingency Fee-Based Estimate:

- 149 Additional New Phone Leads Per Month
- 45 Additional New Clients Per Month
- $150,000 Additional Net Legal Fee Revenue Per Month ($450,000 gross)
- 3,000% ROI

Annual Contingency Fee-Based Estimate:

- 1,76 Additional New Phone Leads Per Year
- 540 Additional New Clients Per Year
- $1,800,000 Additional Net Legal Fee Revenue Per Year
- 3,000% ROI

*Important: With non-contingency fee-based clients, your estimated monthly and annual additional net fee revenue and ROI would be three times (3X) higher than that for contingency fee-based clients.

With an estimated $1,800,000 additional annual net fee revenue when ranking your GMB listing in the 3-Pack and your website on page 1 of Google for just two (2) high-value keywords in your market, we suspect you'd be very pleased with this or a similar result, correct?

Even at just half of this reasonable estimate, an additional $900,000 in new annual net fee revenue, would be a game-changer, wouldn't it?

While the above figures represent estimates, they also reveal what is possible for your firm when your GMB listing and website rank for just the two above keywords, san diego personal injury lawyer and san diego car accident lawyer.

Now imagine when your GMB listing and website rank for these, along with additional keywords, opening up the opportunity for many more leads; and/or one of more new clients resulted in a 6-7 figure settlement or verdict; and/or your actual conversion rate is higher than 30%; etc.

Our point is that increasing your GMB listing and website's online visibility into the Google Maps' 3-Pack and page 1 of Google represents a massive opportunity for you to finally leverage, take advantage of and take your firm to the next level and beyond.

If you'd like, we highly encourage and recommend you input your actual figures and/or percentages, if known, into our calculator below so you can see sharpen your estimates. Or, if you prefer, let us know your assumptions and we'll run and send you an updated estimate.
Google Maps and Website SEO ROI Calculator
(For Contingency and Non-Contingency Fee-Based Law Firms)
Disclaimer: For educational purposes only

Directions: Double-click on blue cells to enter actual or estimated figures and percentage: 
Our Recommendations For Maximum Phone Leads:
Shaunie and Charles, thanks again for taking your valuable time reviewing this custom page personalized to you and your law firm.

I trust you found the foregoing informative, beneficial and see the great value in having your GMB listing found in the 3-Pack and your website on page 1 of Google for keywords prospects search everyday to find your legal services and consult with you regarding their respective cases and claims.

To take advantage of and maximize your big opportunity to generate rankings, traffic and leads to convert to new clients and additional fee revenue, we recommend and propose the following:

i) Verify and claim your GMB listing;

ii) Generate up to 25-75+ 5-Star Google reviews in only 5-30 days with our Rapid Reviews System and Funnel ("Rapid Reviews"), then continue generating ongoing 5-Star Google reviews with Rapid Reviews. Click here to learn more about Rapid Reviews; and

iii) Our Accelerated Maps SEO and Organic SEO Leads Service - Our proven SEO solutions for generating rankings, traffic and, most importantly, exclusive phone leads for you to convert to new clients and additional fee revenue and take your firm to the next level and beyond; and

iv) Website Redesign for certain reasons explained in the above video we created for you; also, for additional benefits and reasons, please see:  http://edigitalwave.com/2x-3x-firm-fees

All the above may be started immediately, which I highly recommend because everyday that goes by is everyday you're not competing with your competitors and leaving leads, new clients and legal fees on the table for your competition to take advantage of, which they have been doing for a long time and, will continue to do so until you make the decision enough is enough.  

With our Accelerated Maps SEO Leads service, we start every client's new service by accelerating six (6) months of Maps SEO work and completing this work within 60-90 days of your start date.

By front-loading and accelerating large amounts of SEO work, you can get significantly faster results as compared to non-accelerated Maps optimization which, to my knowledge, is all that other digital marketing agencies have to offer. With service acceleration, it means more phone leads faster than you would otherwise receive, thus giving you more opportunities to consult with and convert more prospects into your newest clients, resulting in a higher ROI for you.

After completing your acceleration period, you can anticipate your GMB listing having significantly increased visibility into the 3-Pack for several keywords, resulting in more and more phone leads. We then continue our work with ongoing and advanced optimization strategies to enhance, solidify and ensure that your GMB listing is galvanized and does not slip in the Google Maps local search results and that your GMB listing has your phones ringing off the hook with new leads to convert to clients week after week, month after month.

It's important to note that we also provide our website (organic) SEO service, which is not only key to ranking your website on page 1 of Google for keywords your potential clients are searching to find your legal services, but also, can double your page 1 visibility and significantly increase the number of leads you get each month and get incredible results as shown in the above estimation.

For a fuller understanding of how Google reviews, along with your GMB listing and website, can exponentially increase your new leads, go to: http://edigitalwave.com/2x-3x-firm-fees

Great news for you: We offer our SEO services on a month-to-month basis, which means no long-term contracts or commitment required on your part. We only require 30 days advance notice to ramp down and cease our service(s), at any time (though we highly doubt you'll want to do that)..

We also provide you with monthly reporting and, at your option, quarterly conference calls to discuss results, future planning, goals and objectives and more.

Additional Lead Services: We also have additional lead services, which you may learn more about at: https://edigitalwave.com/leads

For a customized quote, to get started and/or ask any questions, please call, text or email me, at:

Anthony Devine
Founder & Owner | eDigitalWave
Mobile: (843) 290-9950
Email: awdevine@edigitalwave.com

Thanks, Shaunie and Charles. I look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to work with you to generate a flood of phone leads to convert to new clients and take your firm to the next level.

Best Regards,

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