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OmniWave Retargeting

OmniWave is our highly-effective, economical, fixed monthly fee retargeting service that generates exclusive phone and web form leads (“Leads”) by making sure your law firm is seen by your prospects, everywhere, all the time, online.

See, when someone visits your website, chances are they won’t be ready to call you right away. Maybe they get distracted. Maybe they have to go to a meeting. Or they are in research mode and go to look at one or more of your competitors’ sites.

According to research, this happens up to 97%-98% of the time.

Whatever the case, not everyone who visits your website is going to pick up the phone and call you right then and there. In fact, research shows that 80% of “sales” require at least five (5) follow-up conversations before a deal is completed.

That means your prospects need multiple touch points before they do business with you.

Thing is, how do you make these multiple touch points happen?

You could spend all day on the phone chasing down prospects. The challenge is that’s only good for the people that actually do call you.

And chances are, only a small percentage of your website visitors will do that. This means you’ve got a lot of potential clients who come to your site once, and you never see them again.

But, what if you could follow up with each and every one of them in a very strategic way designed to get them to call you?

And what if you could do this all over the Internet?

Well, that’s exactly what OmniWave does.

As soon as someone visits your website for the first time, they enter your OmniWave machine.

Then, wherever they go on the Internet, they see your law firm.

They could be on Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, CNN, Amazon, Yahoo, ESPN, Twitter, WebMD, TechCrunch… anywhere, wherever they are, whenever are… they’ll see your firm offering your legal services.

This is vital because results show that…

…Website visitors who are followed up by your OmniWave retargeting ads are 70% more likely to convert into clients.

And the best part?

In our experience running hundreds of these OmniWave retargeting campaigns, the revenue generated often costsonly 10-20% the cost of other forms of advertising.

For instance, we recently generated 41% more Leads at just 20% of our client’s normal Lead cost.

To put that into perspective, if you normally spend $100 to make the phone ring, our OmniWave retargeting campaign could generate phone Leads calling you for just $10-$20.

Plus, these Leads are even more qualified as they’ve seen your law firm multiple times.

That’s the power and big profit potential of OmniWave.

Problem for most law firms is that only a tiny fraction of firms have OmniWave retargeting campaigns in place.

We realized this when we surveyed 28,593 local businesses throughout America’s largest cities and found that 91% of these companies don’t even have an OmniWave retargeting campaign running.

This is shocking because it means these businesses are leaving up to an extra 20-30% (or more) sales (new clients) on the table.

And, that could be true for your law firm.

Is it?

Don’t let it (continue to) happen. Let us economically manage this time-consuming marketing initiative for you.

We’ll setup your complete OmniWave retargeting campaign… or campaign(s) if you really want to amp things up.

This will get your law firm seen repeatedly by your prospects – that’s multiple touch points.

And that, in turn, will produce more Leads for less cost, putting you in prime position to…

…Convert more prospects to clients and, most importantly, additional revenue for your law firm.

OmniWave retargeting is a must for all qualifying law firms. To qualify, you only need a minimum of 2oo unique monthly website visitors.

Here’s the deal…

…OmniWave is the only marketing that makes all your other marketing campaigns more effective by increasing your return on investment (“ROI”) for each campaign.

If you’re not using OmniWave retargeting, you’re leaving Leads, new clients and additional legal fees on the table. Period.

To learn more about retargeting and how OmniWave efficiently and very economically generates more Leads for you to convert to additional new clients, click here.

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