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Get 25-100+ New 5-Star Google Reviews In Only 5-30 Days PLUS An Ongoing Flow Of 5-Star Reviews On Autopilot!

Do you know who the #1 law firm phone and web form leads (“Leads”) killer is?

A killer so persuasive that it can (and does) kill Leads lightning quick and even when your GMB listing(s) and website are ranked in the 3-Pack and #1 on page 1 of Google, respectively?

So, who (or what) is this lawyer and law firm Leads killer?

Well, it’s none other than Google reviews.

YES, Google reviews!

Google ReviewsDid you know… that according to a highly-respected December 2020 review survey:

– 92% of consumers read online reviews before choosing which law firm to call or visit?

– 84% of potential prospects trust an online review from a complete stranger as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member?

– Only 48% of consumers will consider a law firm that has less than an overall 4-Star Google review rating?

With review survey results like these, along with many more eye-opening statistics from the December 2020 BrightLocal Consumer Reviews Survey that we share with you in the important video below…

It should not come as a surprise that…

Nothing kills getting Leads and new clients faster than having zero, few, bad, recent negative and/or outdated (over 90 days old) 5-star Google reviews and/or a low overall Google review’s star rating (“Rating”), and…

…Having a negative Google reviews profile, which is comprised of each one of your Google reviews, the total number of Google reviews and Rating, can also hurt your GMB listing(s) and website rankings, resulting in less website visitors, fewer Leads, lower Leads conversion (closing fewer new clients) and losing additional legal fee revenue to your competitors.

Fortunately, it does not need to be like this.

In fact, it can be just the opposite.

To get more Leads and increase your Lead conversions to convert more Leads to new clients

…Every law firm, including yours, needs:

i) proven and fast solution to generate up to 25-100+ new 5-star Google reviews in as little as 5-30 days,

ii) consistent and ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews on autopilot, along with

iii) an overall Google review Rating as close to 5.0 as possible.

So, if your law firm has no, few, and/or outdated 5-star Google reviews, negative Google reviews and/or an overall Google review Rating of less than 5.0, you need Google reviews help now, which we have waiting for you in this must-see video (and that is designed to maximize your Lead generation and new client acquisition results):

To schedule your free strategy session on our calendar, click here

As stated in the above training video, we reveal Rapid Reviews System & Funnel – Click Here (“Rapid Reviews”), our proven and lightning fast, new 5-star Google reviews solution that for generating up to…

25 to 100+ new 5-Star Google Reviews in as little as 5-30 days, along with a continuous, ongoing flow of Google reviews for your law firm, on autopilot, just like some of our law firm clients have achieved here:



RapidReviews also gets ultra-fast results, just like here for one of our newest law firm clients; RapidReviews generated SIX (6) new 5-Star Google reviews within the first 60 minutes of turning on their new RapidReviews campaign:

With new 5-Star Google reviews, an increased Rating and an ongoing flow of new 5-Star Google reviews, all on autopilot and courtesy of Rapid Reviews, your law firm will be in prime position to significantly increase your inbound Leads and convert more Leads to new clients and more legal fees, like these law firm clients:

Law Firm SEO Lead Generation

…all while further increasing your overall number of 5-star Google reviews and Rating, on autopilot.

So what are you waiting for?

To learn how to get a flood of new 5-Star Google Reviews both lightning quick and on an ongoing and continuous long-term basis, on autopilot and…

…Generate more Leads, new clients and additional legal fees…

…Call, text or email us now to claim your Rapid Reviews Reputation Management and Marketing System* and/or for your free strategy session, at:

Mobile: (843) 290-9950
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If you prefer, you may book your free strategy session on our calendar here.

*Rapid Reviews may now also be found on our sister site, https://lawfirmrep.com

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