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Google Ads (“Ads”) Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”)

Our PPC service generates highly-targeted, high-intent, exclusive phone and web form leads (“Leads”) for our clients.

We do so through the combination of our:

  • Experienced, proactive PPC Ads management team
  • High-quality and high-converting ad creatives and copywriting
  • Proven, high-converting landing pages (optional, highly recommended)

With our PPC service, we will set up, optimize and actively manage and modify (as needed) your PPC campaigns and Ads account and generate Leads in exchange for a monthly management fee based on monthly budgeted ad spend.

As is industry custom, clients are responsible for monthly ad spend.

To review an in-depth PPC client case study, click here.

Already have PPC?

If so, we offer a free, no-obligation PPC (Google Ads account) audit to qualifying law firms.


Because we find that 90%+ of law firms’ Ads accounts we review are not properly set up and/or not properly optimized for maximum results.

During our audit, we will analyze your Ads account, identify wasted ad spend, along with increased conversions and ROI opportunities and provide you with our findings and recommendations.

Upon completion, we email your audit to you.

Google Premier Partners: Our U.S. based expert PPC team is a Google-certified Premier Partner. This is Google Ads’ top designation awarded to less than 3% of all agencies providing Google Ads management services to local businesses and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise and most importantly, consistently deliver client revenue growth, as solely determined by Google. In other words, you’re in great hands with our PPC team, who is also Bing-certified.

For your free audit and PPC strategy session, call, text or email us using our contact information found at the bottom of this page.

Pay-Per-Lead (“PPL”)

For select, qualifying law firms, our pay-per-call (“PPCall”) phone leads are available on a pay-per-lead (“PPL”) basis and only require a minimum number of pre-paid leads to start your initial and any/all additional PPCall campaigns.

Our PPCall service generates highly-targeted, high-intent, exclusive phone leads delivered directly to your business’ designated phone number for you or your intake personnel to answer.

For your free PPC and/or PPL strategy session and/or PPC audit, call, text or email us using our contact information found at the bottom of this page.

YouTube Ads

Every city has law firms with personal injury, family law, criminal, mass tort and/or other certain practice areas that have used TV commercials to build their firms’ brand awareness while attracting and landing new clients.

Many still do. Why?

Because it works.

However, TV commercials can be very expensive; just creating one commercial can cost upwards of $10K-$30K+ before it even airs.

Thus, TV commercials are generally available to those few law firms with big monthly budgets they blow through, partly to squeeze your firm out.

Fortunately, there is a (much) better way for you, one that is highly-targeted, costs less and can produce up to 100X+ return on ad spend (ROAS) for you:

YouTube Ads.

As the online world’s second largest search engine (only behind its owner, Google), YouTube is a powerful online platform where your ideal leads and prospects are at all the time including now.

In fact, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year old people than any U.S. cable network and, with 82% of all web traffic projected to be video content in 2022, YouTube and YouTube Ads are exactly where you and your firm need to be at now.

YouTube ads are highly-effective for getting your law firm in front of potential leads and acquire new clients, all while increasing your brand awareness. This is especially true when you consider that with YouTube ads, you can hyper-target and pinpoint your desired audience from a wide range of data and criteria, such as location, income, language and so much more.

Yet, why do so many law firms not (yet) advertise on YouTube (and Google’s display network) with online video (TV-like) commercials?

Because neither the law firms nor their respective marketing teams and/or agencies understand nor know how to properly leverage YouTube Ads.

Note that we do 😉 …as you can learn more about below, but first…

Why Advertise On YouTube?

In addition to less competition and generally costing significantly less than Google Ads PPC, YouTube Ads can also:

  • Build Your Law Firm’s Brand Awareness – Introduce your legal services to people who do not know much, if anything, about your law firm yet, all while targeting people interested in: i) one or more of your practice areas, ii) your competitors’ law firms; and iii) cities/areas, you want to attract new leads and clients from.
  • Influence Client’s Decision To Hire YOUR Firm and Not One of Your Competitors – Create and run video ads explaining WHY your law firm and practice area(s) expertise is the best option for your potential clients. Include past/recent case settlements and verdicts to back up your reasoning and capitalize on your past results to convert new leads to clients.
  • Grow Fee Revenue – Extend your law firm’s reach with YouTube Ads, including “lookalike” audiences to target new/more leads while also testing new strategies and tactics to grow your client base, gain new files and grow your fee revenue to the next level and beyond.
  • Increase Your Law Firm’s Brand Loyalty – Encourage your clients to talk about your legal services in your videos with testimonials and Google reviews. Also show prospects that your firm provides the best legal expertise and services in your practice area(s) and the city (or cities) you’re located in. Become the “go-to” legal experts so that when potential clients need your services, they think of your firm.

The above are just some reasons why now is your time to get ahead of the curve – and your competition – by leveraging the power and massive potential of highly-targeted YouTube Ads.

If you’re not reaching your potential clients with YouTube Ads…

…You’re leaving countless leads, clients and legal fees on the table for your competitors to take advantage of.

The beauty and advantage of YouTube Ads over television commercials is that with YouTube Ads

…You can drill down and target leads and potential clients using Google’s seemingly endless data to filter and find those exact individuals actively searching for your city + practice area(s) legal services online.

As YouTube states: “YouTube Ads uses Google data to match your message to the right people at the right moment.”

For example, just imagine a qualified lead – your potential client – searching at this very moment for a…

– personal injury attorney in miami, or

– chicago car accident lawyer, or

– divorce attorney dallas, or

– phoenix dui lawyer, or

– your city + practice area

And the lead is immediately shown your YouTube video ad.

Think that can get you new leads, new clients, additional legal fee revenue and powerful branding?

Yes it can…and it does.

Or imagine this scenario…

A potential client is about to watch one of your competitor’s videos, but YouTube first shows them your video ad.

Do you think when this happens you can legally and ethically hijack your competitor’s potential lead and client and turn them into your lead to consult with and convert into your newest client?

Yes you can.

Now imagine that scenario and others playing out repeatedly, over and over again.

The result?

More leads, more clients, more legal fees for your law firm.

Also, and unlike television where your TV commercial is shown to anyone watching their TV (or more likely running to the refrigerator to get a snack while your commercial is running)…

…YouTube Ads is cost-effective, allowing you to drill down, find and target individuals actively searching for and interested in your practice area(s) legal services, along with other factors, you can use to target those individuals meeting your firm’s criteria.

In other words, YouTube Ads are a highly-targeted and highly-effective use of your advertising budget whereas with TV commercials, you are forced to use a “spray and pray” approach where your commercial is shown to anyone and everyone watching TV, including being aired by a TV network that may broadcast in some regions or areas where your firm doesn’t practice or market to.

On the other hand, just like billboards, which are also mostly seen by non-qualified persons, the overwhelming majority of TV commercial viewers are unqualified and non-targeted individuals, resulting in wasted ad spend and higher costs for client acquisition.

And depending on your selected YouTube Ads campaign strategy, you don’t pay for the first 30 seconds your YouTube Ad is shown to a prospective lead; it’s like getting a no-cost pitch. That’s powerful.

With YouTube Ads, you may use your existing TV commercials, if any.

If you don’t have any, no big deal as you can create low-cost video ads (or we can help create) for running YouTube Ads targeted to specific areas, cities, demographics and other factors comprised of your ideal clients all while also excluding certain content, channels, times of day and other factors not ideal for attracting new clients.

Why our YouTube Ads Team?

Our YouTube Ads team:

– Has successfully setup and proactively managed client YouTube Ads campaigns since 2012

– Has managed more than $36 million in YouTube Ads spend to date and rapidly growing

– Generated countless thousands of leads

– Has generated up you 100X+ ROAS (or more) resulting in many more millions in revenue than YouTube Ad spend

– Is Google Video Ads-Certified for YouTube Ads

– And More

If you’re not taking advantage of YouTube Ads to increase your firm’s branding and reach your target audience to get more leads and clients, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity.

To find out if YouTube Ads are right for your law firm…

Call, text or email us now to schedule your no-cost, YouTube advertising strategy and consultation call.

For your free PPC, PPL and/or YouTube ads strategy session and/or PPC audit, call, text or email us now, at:

Mobile: (843) 290-9950
Email: awdevine@edigitalwave.com

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