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Lawyer SEO and Marketing: New Leads, New Clients and ROI

Lawyer SEO and Marketing  |  100-500+ New Leads Every Month

We talk to lawyers and law firms daily about search engine optimization (“SEO”) and marketing with one (1) primary goal in mind:

New phone and web form leads (“Leads”).

And if you’re like many of those lawyers, you’ve probably thought at one time or another that SEO sounds wonderful, but, you’ve may have also wondered…

“How many new Leads and new clients can SEO help me (you) get every month?”

There was a time that there wasn’t a fast and easy solution nor a reliable estimation tool that could QUANTIFY what SEO can mean to your law firm FINANCIALLY.

However, that ends here and now because…

We just released our new proprietary law firm SEO return on investment (“ROI”) estimation tool that enables you to finally understand what it can mean both quantitatively and financially when your firm’s:

  • Google My Business (“GMB”) listing ranks in the top 3 of the Google Maps local search results (“3-Pack”), and
  • Website ranks on page 1 of Google…

For one (1) or more of your firm’s keywords.

This is a true game-changer!

Lightning fast and simple to use, you  input four (4) pieces of data into our free SEO ROI estimation tool, click a button and viola…

Your instant estimated monthly and annual:

  • New Leads
  • New clients
  • Additional legal fee revenues; and
  • ROI

And it works for both contingency fee-based and non-contingency fee-based law firms.

With our indispensable tool, you now have the ability to make an informed decision regarding investing in SEO (which we’re more than happy to consult you to see if SEO is a fit for your firm).

So, try our proprietary free SEO ROI tool now* (no opt-in), which is immediately below this short demo video, which we highly recommend watching to learn how to find your primary keywords’ monthly Google search volume** for a more accurate estimation of your new Leads, clients, additional legal fee revenue and ROI:

*Want us to run your free SEO ROI for you? Let us know, we’re more than happy to do so…with no-obligation, of course.

**The two (2) keyword search tools we recommend in above demo video are: i) Keyword Surfer (Chrome extension); and/or ii) Ubersuggest.

Law Firm GMB + Website Leads & ROI Estimation Calculator

Disclaimer: For educational use and purposes only

Directions: Enter actual or estimated data

Total Monthly Google Search Volume For Your Keywords
Average Client Lifetime Value
Lead Conversion (Closing) Rate
Monthly SEO Investment
Contingency Fee Percentage


Now that you’ve seen your massive opportunity SEO presents you with

Take your next step to more:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Clients; and
  • Legal Fees

Call, text or email us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation call, at:

Mobile: (843) 290-9950
Email: awdevine@edigitalwave.com

Or if you prefer, schedule your free, no-obligation consultation on our calendar by clicking here.

Get ready for more traffic, more Leads, more clients, more legal fees and a higher ROI.

It’s all waiting for you with our GMB listing and website SEO services.

Law Firm SEO Marketing