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Law Firm Marketing | Turn Your Firm’s Google My Business Listing Into A Phone Leads Machine!

When it comes to law firm marketing, nothing beats the high-quality, exclusive phone leads your Google My Business (“GMB”) listing (or listings if you have more than one location) can generate when your listing is in the top three Google Maps local search results (“3-Pack”) for keywords potential clients are searching online to find your legal services.

Many times, the 3-Pack is the only place potential clients look to before deciding which firm to call. This makes it critical for your GMB listing to be in the 3-Pack results for as many high-value keywords as possible. When you do so, you put yourself in prime position to get more leads and take your firm to the next level and beyond.*

*IMPORTANT: Be sure to check out our Google Maps SEO ROI Calculator found later on this page. It will give you a new understanding and appreciation regarding what it means to rank your GMB listing in the 3-Pack for getting new leads, clients and attorneys fees. We also include a case study below: We generated 208 phone leads for one of our personal injury law firm clients in just 28 days by getting their GMB listing into the 3-Pack for multiple keywords.

Google local search traffic is the single-most valuable online source for generating exclusive phone leads every month to convert to new clients because of each searcher’s intent.

For example, when a person searches Google for car accident lawyer miami, which gets about 1,600 monthly Google searches, this person is most likely intending to find a Miami area personal injury lawyer or law firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents (“MVA”) to consult with and help them and/or a loved one with a MVA-related case or claim.

Comment – Did you notice that it would cost about $237.29 for only one (1) Google Ads click? That’s not a call, a single click! However, when  your GMB listing is the 3-Pack,  it can result in a seemingly endless flow of exclusive phone leads that are a mere tiny fraction of the cost (or investment) versus Google Ads and other lead generation strategies.

Continuing our Miami MVA example, the law firms in the following 3-Pack are undoubtedly getting lots and lots (and lots) of phone leads each and every month from just this one (1) keyword alone:

In many instances, potential leads will only consider the 3-Pack results to find a suitable law firm for their legal issues because it not only lists three (3) firms, the 3-Pack also includes significant information, including, each firm’s total number of Google reviews and overall review rating, address, hours, link to their website and, perhaps most importantly, their respective phone numbers, which can be dialed via a simple tap-to-call on their mobile phone.

With all that in mind, which of the above firms do you think potential leads will most likely check out first and call for a free consultation and ultimately, convert to newly acquired clients?

If you answered the top result, Suarez and Montero, you’re correct because their GMB listing is ranked #1 and has 431 reviews with a 5.0 overall Google review rating.

If a firm’s GMB listing is not in the 3-Pack, it’s either somewhere in the local search results under the “More places” link or not found at all. In either situation, it’s not a good place to be because searchers are unlikely to sift through countless GMB listings. Instead, the more likely scenario is if a prospect doesn’t find what they want in their initial keyword search, they will start a new search with a different keyword and do this until they find the firm they want to call. Accordingly, to get more phone leads calling your firm, you need your GMB listing to be in the 3-Pack for as many keywords related to your practice area(s) as possible.

Lawyer Maps SEO | Get Your Phone to Ring off the Hook

When you leverage your law firm marketing and get your GMB listing into the 3-Pack for as many keywords and practice areas as possible, you can expect your phones to ring off the hook with leads every month, so long as your Google reviews** are in order. When this happens, you’re in prime position to convert more leads to new clients and exponentially grow your law firm.

**Important: A solid Google review portfolio is a major key to getting more phone leads, along with higher conversions; that is, converting more leads to new clients. That’s because up to 85% of potential clients trust online reviews from complete strangers as much as getting a personal recommendation from a family member or friends. However, firms with no, few, old and/or bad Google reviews can expect to get less leads and lower conversions. If this describes your firm, you need to address and fix this issue ASAP. Otherwise, you’re leaving and, will continue to leave, leads, clients and attorneys fees on the table for their competitors to capitalize on. We have a proven system for getting up to 20-50+ Google reviews in as little as 7 to 21 days as well as future reviews on a consistent and predictable basis and is a solution to this issue. Let us know if you have questions about fixing and leveraging your Google reviews for more phone leads and clients.

For multi-location law firms, they should (need to) have a GMB listing for each office. By doing so, they give themselves the opportunity to dominate each city/market when each GMB listing is ranked in the relevant 3-Packs for keywords associated with one or more practice areas.

The following time-lapse image illustrates how our Accelerated Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimization Service (“Accelerated Maps SEO“) increased one of our personal injury law firm client’s primary keywords from ranking outside the 3-Pack and buried in “More places” to getting more than one hundred (100) 3-Pack rankings:

Law Firm Marketing - Google Maps SEO

Guess what happened next?

Our client’s phone rang and rang and, it continues to ring with an ongoing stream of exclusive leads needing a personal injury lawyer for their respective legal issues, including MVA cases. For example, we generated 208 phone leads from our client’s GMB listing in just 28 days:

As our client’s GMB listing ranks for dozens and dozens of additional high-quality keywords, including “city + car accident lawyer,” we’ve turned their GMB listing into a phone leads and client acquisition machine that results in up to 25-50+ new clients a month.

Law Firm Marketing | Google Maps SEO Return on Investment

Just imagine your GMB listing(s) ranking in the 3-Pack for one or more of the above miami car accident lawyer-related keywords…or similar keywords for your city or market…

Do you think you could get (a lot) more leads to convert to clients?

Yes, of course you could!

And what about your attorneys fees?

To answer that question, it is very important to understand the investment value of your GMB listing and the traffic it can generate when it is properly optimized, along with the new leads, clients and additional attorney fees you can generate.

Therefore, we’ve developed a Google Maps SEO return on investment (“ROI”) calculator to estimate the the additional leads, fee revenue, ROI and more a properly optimized GMB listing can help generate based on:

i) the number of monthly Google searches for your primary keyword(s)

ii) your average gross fee per client (reduced to 1/3 for contingency fee-based law firms);

iii) your lead to new client conversion (closing) rate; and

iv) your monthly Maps SEO investment.

To give you an example and estimate of a law firm’s monthly and annual additional attorneys fees potential, our ROI calculator below is initially set to 1,000 monthly searches, an average gross fee per client of $10,000, a 30% conversion rate (3 out of 10 leads convert to new clients) and a monthly SEO investment of just $2,500 per month (note that these figures and percentage are only assumptions and not necessarily actual):

  • For contingency fee-based firms, they can generate about 18 new clients per month resulting in $60,000 per month in additional net fee revenue with a 2400% ROI. That’s 216 new clients and $720,000 in increased net fee revenue annually!
  • For non-contingency fee-based firms, they can also generate about 18 new clients per month resulting in $180,000 per month in additional net fee revenue with a 7200% ROI. That’s 216 new clients and $2,160,000 in increased net fee revenue annually!

You will find these results in our ROI calculator below and which you can use for your own estimates, as explained in this video:

Video Explaining How to Use GMB SEO ROI Calculator:

Law Firm Marketing | Google Maps SEO ROI Calculator

Important: Double-click on blue cells to enter actual or estimated figures:

Law Firm Marketing | Getting More Leads and Clients For Your Firm

Are you ready to find out what is possible for your firm when you take advantage of generating an ongoing avalanche of exclusive phone leads from your GMB listing(s)?

It only takes 5-10 seconds to estimate the number of new leads, clients, fees and ROI you can achieve with your GMB listings.

Simply follow our Maps SEO ROI calculator’s directions above and enter your actual or estimated figures and closing percentage in the four (4) blue highlighted cells or…

…Ask us and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with your free ROI estimates based on your city + practice area keywords.

Do you now see the true value of having your GMB listing(s) found in the 3-Pack for relevant practice area keywords in your city/cities?

Fortunately, there is a simple, proven solution for quickly getting more exclusive phone leads, clients and fee revenue while getting an amazing ROI to take your law firm to the next level…and beyond:

Our Accelerated Maps Local SEO service (“Accelerated Maps SEO”).

With our Accelerated Maps SEO service, we start every new client by safely accelerating and completing six (6) months of Maps local optimization work within only 45-90 days of your start date. Acceleration completion time typically averages between about 55-70 days depending on certain factors, such as competition, keywords and more.

By completing large amounts of Maps local optimization work upfront, we can get you significantly faster results as compared to non-accelerated Maps optimization.

That means more phone leads faster than you would otherwise receive using standard Maps optimization. As a result, you get more opportunities to consult with and convert more prospects into your newest clients faster.

To learn more about the importance of increasing your GMB listing’s online visibility, along with additional client case study 3-Pack ranking results (on last 4 pages), click here (opt-in not required).

Maps SEO Marketing for Lawyers | Your Next Step

To learn more and/or ask us any questions about law firm marketing, including our Google Maps SEO ROI calculator, Accelerated Maps SEO service and/or anything else, including if we have a client roster opening in your city (as we work exclusively with one (1) law firm per practice area per city), call or email us now, at:

(843) 290-9950

Or schedule a call on our calendar by clicking here.


Law Firm Digital Marketing | Taking Your Lead Generation to the Next Level

Now, did you know you can take your lead generation and client-getting to an even higher level?

It’s actually pretty simple to do yet most law firms make a huge mistake by not implementing or, through no fault of their own, not even knowing about, this must-have solution that increases your ROI for any (and all) of your online marketing initiatives, including Maps SEO:


Instead of making this page any longer, we highly recommend you click here to read our retargeting guide (again, no opt-in required) and you will instantly understand why you’ll want (and need) to add retargeting to your overall lawyer advertising and marketing plan to maximize your leads and get as many new clients as possible, both consistently and predictably, quickly and on an ongoing basis.

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