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For: Jerry Reardon, Esq. 
Law Office of Jerry Reardon
March 3, 2021


Thanks again for your interest in our lead generation services for law firms. As promised, below you will find your estimated return on investment ("ROI") for one of our services that generates a ton of phone leads.

I highly recommend that you carefully read this entire page as I promise you that doing so will be time very well spent as I reveal how your firm can very realistically add up to...

...$27,500 (or more) in additional net monthly attorney fee revenue and, up to...

...$330,000 (or more) in additional net annual attorney fee revenues!

Important - You will find detailed calculations of these estimates below and which are based on actual Google keyword search data, along with other pertinent data. Above net monthly and annual attorney fee revenue increases are based upon estimated gross fees that were multiplied by 33.3% to calculate your estimated 1/3 attorney contingent fees for said type cases.

How can you get these kind of results?

You may do so by taking advantage of and leveraging a massive opportunity your firm is currently missing out on - as I explain and show you below - that can add up to an additional 100-200+ exclusive phone leads for your firm each and every month...

...Just like our law firm client here, who we generated 208 phone leads for in only 28 days for a single office, along with 887 website visits that produced additional phone leads, along with web form leads and new clients:

How are we able to generate 208 phone calls in under one month for a single location law office using just one lead generation strategy?

Simple. When it comes to digital marketing for law firms (and most all other industries), nothing beats the potential, power and profitability of having your Google My Business ("GMB") listing found in the top three Google Maps local search results (“3-Pack”) which is where approximately 90% of potential clients look to first when searching online for your legal services.

In many instances, the 3-Pack is the only place potential clients look at before making their decision on which firm to call and retain for their respective cases.

This makes increasing your GMB listing's online visibility into the 3-Pack a must. If you don't, you will (continue to) leave leads, clients and fees on the table for your competitors to happily take advantage of.

When your GMB listing is in the 3-Pack for the various keywords prospects search to find your legal services, you put yourself in prime position to dominate your market, generate an ongoing flow of exclusive phone leads and scale your firm to the next level and beyond.

After all, Google Maps local search traffic is the single-most valuable online traffic source for law firms to convert to exclusive phone leads and clients because of each searcher’s "intent."

For example, when a person searches Google for one of your keywords, such as “personal injury lawyer columbia sc" he or she is most likely researching and/or intending to find a Portland personal injury lawyer or law firm to consult with and potentially help them and/or a loved one with a personal injury-related case or claim.

This keyword alone gets about 390 monthly Google searches per Google's Keyword Planner Tool.

Additionally, another one of your valuable keywords, "columbia car accident lawyer," gets another 210 monthly Google searches, or about 600 combined monthly Google searches for just these two (2) keywords alone, as shown here:
Here are the current 3-Pack results, along with your GMB listing's rankings (in red) for these two, high-intent, high-value keywords:
Personal Injury Lawyer Columbia SC (390/Mo Searches)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking: #137
Columbia Car Accident Lawyer (210/Mo Searches)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking: Not Found in 3-Pack
As you can see above, your GMB listing is currently not found in either 3-Pack for these high-value keywords.

To find your GMB listing, a prospect needs to bypass the 3-Pack listings, click or tap (on mobile) on the "View all" link at the bottom of each 3-Pack (see arrows pointing to links in above images), go to page 7 of. the search results and scroll down to find your listing in the #137 ranking position for "personal injury lawyer columbia sc," then click on your listing.

At this moment, the likelihood of this scenario occurring for "personal injury lawyer columbia sc" is effectively none as each of your above competitors in the this 3-Pack have solid Google review ratings and more than enough reviews that most potential clients searching this keyword will end up calling one of these law firms.

That's because Google (and other) reviews are very significant and key to not only getting more phone leads, but also higher conversions; that is, converting more leads to new clients as 85% of people - including potential clients - trust online reviews from complete strangers as much as a personal recommendation from a family member or friends.

Also, your GMB listing is not even found in the Google Maps local search results for "columbia car accident lawyer," which means you are missing out on a ton more potential leads, new clients and fees each and every month for just this one keyword.

Now, think about how many more keywords your GMB Listing is either not in the 3-Pack and/or found in the results at all that potential leads and clients are searching Google for to find your legal services...

...With that in mind, don't you think it's reasonable to conclude that you're missing out on up to hundreds of potential phone leads each and every month because your GMB listing is currently MIA from the 3-Pack?

Of course it is, and the fact is and remains that...

...Unless (and until) you properly optimize your GMB listing for these and other high-value keywords, you will continue to miss out on countless leads and clients that could otherwise be yours.

Having said that, I'm sure you'd like your GMB listing to be found in the 3-Pack for these and many other keywords, right? It's basically the only thing holding back* the floodgates to countless and ongoing exclusive phone leads.

*I also highly suggest and recommend you get many more Google reviews for reasons I've already stated, including higher conversions, along with others. Here's your GMB review link to provide clients when requesting their review. It will take them directly to your GMB review posting box, making it very fast and easy for them to provide you their review. Note that due to its length and difficulty to memorize/remember it, I also recommend you use a link shortener prior to sending/giving it to your clients. As your website is built on WordPress, I suggest installing the "Pretty Links" plugin to create an easy to remember link to text, email or send to clients. For example: https://jerryreardonlaw.com/review. Questions regarding your Google reviews? Please let me know anytime.

Now, back to optimizing your GMB listing to increase its online visibility and get more phone leads. Fortunately, we have our proven solution:

Accelerated Maps SEO (as defined below) to move your GMB listing into the 3-Pack for the two (2) above keywords, along with many more related to not only personal injury and motor vehicle accidents, but also worker's compensation and/or medical malpractice.

When this happens, your firm's phones will ring off the hook with up to 100-200+ additional exclusive phone leads every month.

To better understand the financial impact your GMB listing can have on your firm, wouldn't it be great if you could quantify what ranking in the 3-Pack could mean to your firm from a lead generation and client acquisition perspective?

And also the estimated return on investment ("ROI") for investing in your GMB listing's increased online visibility?

We thought so too, which is why we developed our proprietary Google Maps SEO ROI calculator, which estimates your monthly and annual additional leads and new clients, along with your additional fee revenue (both on a contingency and non-contingency fee basis), your ROI and more, based on:

i) the number of monthly Google searches for your primary keyword(s); that is, the most popular keyword(s) potential clients use to find your legal services via your GMB listing;
ii) your average gross fee per client (reduced to 1/3 for ROI purposes for contingency fee-based law firms only);
iii) your lead to client conversion (or closing) rate; and
iv) your monthly Maps SEO investment

To give you an example of what is possible for your firm, we ran the following scenario using the total monthly search volume of just two above keywords, along with these assumptions:

a) 600 monthly searches
b) $7,500 - average gross fee per client
c) 30% conversion rate, and
d) $1,200 monthly SEO investment

Watch the following 20-second video clip to see us run this ROI calculation using these very assumptions for the two (2) example keywords:
 Based on the above assumptions, your estimated monthly results for contingency fee-based clients for just the two above keywords are:

- 36 Additional New Phone Leads Per Month
- 11 Additional New Clients Per Month
- $27,500 Additional Net (1/3rd) Fee Revenue Per Month ($82,500 Gross Per Month)
- 2,292% ROI

...And annualized, your estimated results are:

- 432 Additional New Phone Leads Per Year
- 132 Additional New Clients Per Year
- $330,000 Additional Net Fee Revenue Per Year  ($990,000 Gross Per Year)
- 2,292% ROI

Note: For any non-contingency fee-based clients, your estimated monthly and annual additional net fee revenue and ROI would be three times (3X) that for contingency fee-based clients.

While the above figures are estimates, they quantify and reveal what is possible when your GMB listing ranks for just two keywords, personal injury lawyer columbia sc and columbia car accident lawyer. 

That's up to $27,500 (or more) in additional monthly NET attorneys fee revenue for your firm, which would be an incredible estimated 2,292% ROI!

Imagine if your GMB listing ranked for more than just these two (2) keywords...

...Which would open up your opportunity to exponentially more phone leads, up to 100-200+ per month; and/or your actual average client value is higher than our estimated $7,500; and/or your actual conversion rate is higher than the 30% estimate we used; etc.

Our point is that...

Increasing your GMB listing's online visibility represents a massive opportunity for you to leverage, take advantage of and take your firm to the next level and beyond, and all for a minor monthly investment that includes a huge upside potential; that is, ROI for you and your firm.

At this time, I highly recommend you input, if known, your actual figures and/or percentages into our ROI calculator below so you can see your own estimates and what it can mean to your firm when your GMB listing is in the 3-Pack for relevant keywords:
Google Maps SEO ROI Calculator
(For Contingency and Non-Contingency Fee-Based Law Firms)
Disclaimer: For educational purposes only

Directions: Double-click on blue cells to enter actual or estimated figures and percentage: 
Jerry, thank you for taking your valuable time to review this custom page personalized to you and your law firm; it was created only after very careful research, examination and analysis of actual market data, estimated relevant metrics and other related information.

We trust you found this informative, beneficial and you now see the great value in having your GMB listing found in the 3-Pack for the various high-intent, high-value keywords prospects search to find your legal services and potentially work with and help them with their respective legal issues.

To take advantage of this big opportunity, we highly recommend our proven and powerful solution to getting more exclusive phone leads, clients and fee revenue while achieving more than a satisfactory ROI:

- Accelerated Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimization Service ("Accelerated Maps SEO") - Currently, only $1,200 per month*, along with a $995 one-time setup fee, to get started as soon as today.

*Returns to normal monthly fee of $1,500 per month effective at 12:01 am ET, March 15, 2021.. We also offer 6-month and 12-month paid in advance options that include further discounted fees, which I'm more than happy to share with you, if interested.

With our Accelerated Maps SEO service, we start every client's new service, including yours, by accelerating six (6) months of Maps SEO work and complete it within 60-90 days of your start date.  Actual completion time averages around 45-75 days depending on certain factors, including competition, keywords and more. Also,

By front-loading and safely accelerating large amounts of SEO work, you can get significantly faster results as compared to non-accelerated Maps optimization. That is, more phone leads faster than you would otherwise receive, thus giving you more opportunities to consult with and convert more prospects into your newest clients.

After completing your acceleration period, you can anticipate having increased GMB listing(s) visibility for multiple keywords along with, most importantly, many phone leads. We then continue our work with ongoing and advanced optimization strategies to enhance, solidify and ensure that your GMB listing are galvanized and do not slip in the Google Maps local search results and that your GMB listing has your phones ringing off the hook with new leads to convert to clients on a continuous and ongoing basis.

Performance Guarantee  - In the highly unlikely event we fail to rank a minimum of at least one (1) of your (client-approved) primary keywords in the 3-Pack by no later than ninety (90) days from your first day of service, we will immediately suspend all future payments until such time we rank at least one (1) of your primary keywords in the 3-Pack, immediately upon which monthly fees shall be reinstated and paid as of and on the same date and day of proof of ranking at least one (1) of your primary keywords in the 3-Pack. All future monthly payments shall then be paid on the same day of each month thereafter until cancelled. While we do not expect or anticipate needing to invoke this performance guarantee, we provide it to you for your peace of mind.

Important - We also offer website (organic) SEO, which can double, even triple, your page 1 real estate, leading to more traffic, leads, attorneys fees and clients. Please let me know if you'd like to add this service, which we do highly recommend (but do not require) when you select our Accelerated Maps SEO service.


•No Long-Term Contracts: Cancel anytime with 20 days advance notice to properly wind down your campaign
•No Minimum Number of Months Required: Cancel anytime with 20 days advance notice
•100% Exclusive Leads: We never share your leads with any other law firm or lawyer
•Detailed Monthly Reporting
•Quarterly Calls: Review current campaign results and discuss future campaign goals and plans
•And More

With our Accelerated Maps SEO service, we can help you to significantly increase your online visibility and generate up to 100-200+ additional phone leads each month to convert to new clients and additional attorney fee revenue to take your firm to the next level.

For information about our additional law firm lead services, visit: https://edigitalwave.com/leadservices

After you review, email or call me to schedule a day and time to discuss further, at:

Anthony Devine
Founder & Owner | eDigitalWave
Owner | PinPoint Local
(843) 290-9950

Thanks, Jerry. I look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team to generate a flood of phone leads to convert to new clients and take your firm to the next level.

Best Regards,


P.S. If you prefer, you may schedule a no-obligation call on my calendar by clicking here.

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