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Law Firm Marketing | Turn Your GMB Listing Into Your Firm’s Phone Leads And New Client Acquisition Machine

For law firm marketing, nothing beats the potential, power and profitability of having your Google My Business (“GMB”) listing found in the top three (3) positions of the Google Maps local search results (“3-Pack”) when potential clients are searching online for your legal services.

In many instances, the 3-Pack is the only place prospects read and review before making their decision who to call.

After all, about 88% of people start their online searches on Google and, Google local search traffic is the single-most valuable online traffic source to convert to exclusive leads and new clients because of each searching prospect’s intent.

For example, when a prospect searches Google for “car accident lawyer miami,” which just this one keyword phrase gets 1,900 monthly Google searches (and costs about $227.10 per click…not a call, only a click on Google Ads), he or she is intending to look for and find a Miami area personal injury lawyer or law firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents (“MVA”) to consult with and potentially help them and/or a loved one with a MVA-related case or claim.

During any keyword search, potential leads overwhelmingly first look to and consider the 3-Pack results to find a solution, a law firm, to their legal issues. That’s because the 3-Pack not only lists three (3) law firms, it also includes each firm’s number of Google reviews and overall review rating, along with their respective phone numbers, which can be dialed via a simple tap-to-call, link to their websites and more.

If (and only if) they do not find what they’re looking for in the 3-Pack, potential leads will typically, in this order, next consider clicking on the “View all” link immediately below the third 3-Pack result, followed by the page 1 organic results and lastly, Google Ads or Google local service ads.

Or, prospects may conduct a new search with a similar keyword phrase and read and review this new 3-Pack, which is why you want (and need) to be found (ranked) in the 3-Pack for as many practice-relevant keywords that prospects are searching to find your legal services as you can.

Here’s the 3-Pack for our keyword example car accident lawyer miami:

As you can see, two (2) of the three (3) GMB listings in this 3-Pack have hundreds of Google reviews and both have an overall 5.0 Google reviews ratings. With results like this, what do you think a prospective client will do?

Well, what I can tell you is the prospect very most likely won’t either call #3 ranked firm nor click on “View all” to find other firms. This is because the top two (2) results each have way more than enough “social proof” with hundreds of Google reviews and each with 5.0 overall Google review rating. Prospects will most likely call either law firm #1 or #2.

Lawyer Maps SEO | Getting Your Phone to Ring off the Hook

When it comes marketing for lawyers, it is critical that your GMB listing or listings, if you have more than one (1) location, be found in the 3-Pack for as many keywords as possible because when it is (or they are if multiple GMB listings), you can expect your phone(s) to ring off the hook with leads.

And when this happens, you’re in prime position to convert more leads to new clients and exponentially grow your law firm.

The following time-lapse .gif image illustrates how our law firm accelerated Google Maps local search engine optimization (“Maps SEO”) service quickly increased one of our law firm client’s primary keyword’s rankings from buried in “More places,” to getting more than one hundred (100) 3-Pack rankings for our client’s GMB listing:

Law Firm Marketing - Google Maps SEO

Guess what happened next?

Our client’s phone began ringing and ringing and now, rings and rings…and rings with an endless stream of exclusive leads needing a personal injury lawyer for their respective legal issues, including car accidents and other personal injury-related cases.

And that’s just for one keyword; our client’s GMB listing ranks for dozens and dozens of additional keywords, including “city + car accident lawyer” and many other high-quality, high-value keywords, turning their GMB listing into an absolute beast of a client acquisition machine.

Law Firm Marketing | Google Maps SEO Return on Investment

Just imagine your law firm marketing efforts resulting in your GMB listing(s) ranking for all the above miami car accident lawyer keywords…or similar keywords for your city.

Do you think you could get (a lot) more leads and clients?

Heck yea!

And what about your attorneys fees?

Keep reading, the best is yet to come.

Next, it is vital to understand the investment value of the online traffic and visitors to your GMB listing can generate via Maps SEO and, the new leads, clients and additional attorney fees you can attract and generate as a result.

Therefore, we’ve developed our Google Maps SEO return on investment (“ROI”) calculator that estimates your additional phone leads, fee revenue, ROI and more based on

i) the number of monthly Google searches for your primary keyword(s); that is, the most popular keyword(s) potential clients use to find your legal services via your GMB listing;

ii) your average gross fee per client (which is reduced to 1/3 for ROI purposes for contingency fee-based law firms only);

iii) your lead to client conversion (or closing) rate; and

iv) your monthly SEO investment.

To give you an example and estimate of a law firm’s monthly and annual additional revenue potential, the ROI calculator below is initially set to: 

i) 1,000 monthly searches

ii) $10,000 average gross fee per client

iii) 30% conversion rate (3 out of 10 phone leads convert to new clients)

iv) $2,500 per month for Maps SEO (for example purposes only):

DISCLAIMER: Strictly for educational and information purposes only.

Important: Double-click on blue cells to enter figures or keywords:




Whether a contingency or non-contingency fee-based firm, I think you’ll agree the estimates are incredible, almost like printing money:

  • For contingency fee-based firms, they can generate about: 60 new leads and 18 new clients per month resulting in $60,000 per month in additional net fee revenue with a 2,400% ROI. That’s 712 new leads, 216 new clients and $720,000 in increased net fee revenue annually!
  • For non-contingency fee-based firms, they can also generate about 60 new leads and 18 new clients per month resulting in $180,000 per month in additional net fee revenue with a 7,200% ROI. That’s 712 new leads, 216 new clients and $2,160,000 in increased net fee revenue annually!

If we used the 1,900 monthly Google searches for our keyword “car accident lawyer miami” and left all other assumptions the same, the estimates are now:

  • For contingency fee-based firms, they can generate about 114 new leads per month and 34 new clients per month resulting in $113,333 per month in additional net fee revenue with a 4,533% ROI. That’s 1,368 new leads, 408 new clients and $1,360,000 in increased net fee revenue annually!
  • For non-contingency fee-based firms, they can also generate about 114 new leads per month and 34 new clients per month resulting in $340,000 per month in additional net fee revenue with a 13,600% ROI. That’s 1,368 new leads, 408 new clients and $4,080,000 in increased net fee revenue annually!

And while all these estimates are amazing, they can also be very realistic when your GMB listing(s) are found in the 3-Pack for those keywords potential clients are searching – even now – for your legal services.

However, if your GMB listing(s) is/are not in the 3-Pack, guess who’s are?

Your competitors. So, don’t leave leads, clients and attorneys fees on the table.

Increase your GMB listing(s) online visibility into the 3-Pack and get your firm’s phones ringing off the hook with new prospects to convert to new client and additional attorneys fees.

Law Firm Marketing | Getting More Leads and Clients

Ready to find out what is possible for you when you leverage and take advantage of the exclusive phone leads your GMB listing(s) can generate month in and month out?

It only takes 15-20 seconds to do so; simply follow the Maps SEO ROI calculator’s directions above and enter your actual or estimated figures and percentage in the four (4) blue highlighted cells…

…and be prepared to be amazed!

For more information about the importance of increasing your GMB listing(s) online visibility, click here (opt-in not required).

Do you now see the value of having your GMB listing(s) found in the 3-Pack?

Hint: That’s a rhetorical question, of course you do!

There really is a simple, proven solution to getting more exclusive phone leads, clients and fee revenue while getting an amazing, perhaps even an astronomical ROI, to take your law firm to the next level…and beyond:

Maps SEO.

Now, did you know you can take your lead generation and client-getting to an even higher level?

It’s actually pretty simple to do yet most law firms make a huge mistake by not implementing or, through no fault of their own, not even knowing about, this must-have solution that increases your ROI for any (and all) of your online marketing initiatives, including Maps SEO:


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Maps SEO Marketing for Lawyers | Your Next Step

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