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FREE GMB Rankings Report: Your First Step To More Phone Leads And New Clients

Your FREE GMB Rankings Report enables you to instantly learn your law firm’s GMB listing’s current rankings, including if you’re ranked in the 3-Pack.

If you’re not, you’ll find out if your GMB listing ranks within the top 20 results of the Google Maps local search results or, if lower than 20th, you’ll   that out, too.

Question: If your GMB listing isn’t ranked in the Google Maps 3-Pack, what do you need to do?

Answer: You need to increase your GMB listing’s online visibility (rankings) into the 3-Pack because when you do, you will generate more phone and web form leads each month, perhaps exponentially more leads.

That’s especially true as March 2021 search market research found that more than 91.5% use Google to search online.

In other words, on average, more than 9 out of every 10 of your potential new clients search Google to find your legal services…assuming they can find your GMB listing in the 3-Pack and not buried somewhere on page 3 or 10 where the likelihood of any potential leads find you is somewhere between slim and none.

Thus, your GMB listing needs to rank in the 3-Pack for keywords your potential new clients search.

And when you do?

Your potential leads will see your GMB listing, perhaps up to hundreds, even thousands per month, depending on city/market, keyword and monthly keyword Google search volume.

When this happens, you put your firm in prime position to maximize your phone and web form leads.

This is especially because it has been found that those law firms in the 3-Pack typically enjoy the majority of phone and web form leads from any Google search related to their location and practice area(s).

Can Potential New Clients Find Your Law Firm’s GMB Listing in Google Maps?

Here’s what your GMB listing’s rankings can turn into when you increase your listing’s rankings into the 3-Pack, as shown by our GMB listing rank tracking software (“GMB Rank Tracker”) here for one of our law firm clients:

Law Firm SEO 3 Pack Google Ranking

Our GMB Rank Tracking software provides a visual representation of what your GMB listing’s increase in the Google Maps local search results can look like, all the way to the #1 spot in the 3-Pack.

Just like the above .gif image showing one of our law firm client’s GMB listing quickly ascending in the Google Maps rankings, which their listing increased anywhere from the 13th to 20th positions when we first started working with them all the way into the 3-Pack, including MANY #1 rankings, for a highly-competitive, high search volume keyword.

And when your GMB listing is ranking in the 3-Pack for keywords your potential leads and clients search to find your legal services, your firm will be in position to get your phones ringing off the hook with more new leads every month, just like some of our law firm clients here:

Accordingly, and regardless if your ranking report’s results aren’t what you expected or hoped for, there’s still great news:

With your free GMB Rankings Report, you’ll finally be informed and know exactly where your GMB listing currently stacks up against your competition and, where it needs to improve to get your phones ringing off the hook with new leads.

So, do yourself and your law firm a massive favor and…

Claim your FREE GMB Rankings Report now.

Simply fill out the form at the top of this page, click the “Get Rankings” button and your FREE GMB Rankings Report will be instantly prepared and emailed to you, usually in less than 1-2 minutes.

If you don’t find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. And while it’s never happened before, if you can’t find your rankings report in any of your email folders, email us at awdevine@edigitalwave.com and I or one of my team members will promptly email it to you.

For any questions you have about your GMB Rankings Report and/or to learn how to get your GMB listing into the 3-Pack for keywords potential leads are actively searching for on Google now and, how to get up to an additional 100-500+ new phone and web form leads each month, call, text or email us now, at:

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