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Digital Marketing Service Options For Generating More Leads to Consult With and Convert to New Clients
Step 1. Watch Video
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April 8, 2022

Hi Eric,


In the above video, I touched upon the following topics and am including links to relevant related resources here (below):

I. Google Reviews (Online Reputation)

As more than 9 out of every 10 potential new clients read your Google Reviews to assess your reputation and use to decide whether to call or contact your firm OR your competition, you need to continuously maintain an excellent Google Review profile, which RapidReviews does for you on autopilot.

Resource (DEMO): For a RapidReviews demo to see and experience what your clients will when you use our service:

Resource (Bad Google Reviews): Bad Google reviews can negatively impact  lead generation and client acquisition, resulting in fewer leads and clients and higher costs on a per lead and new client acquired basis. To combat this issue, we have our separate reputation service Bad Google Review Removal Services which costs nothing ($0) to start, you only pay for those bad reviews we successfully remove AFTER they're removed and you've independently confirmed their removal. Results in as little as three (3) days.

To learn more, visit

For additional information regarding RapidReviews, including our ReviewPops website conversion app, visit:

II. Accelerated Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With more than 92% of people starting a local search on Google, you NEED as much online visibility as possible to get more (and maximize) your lead generation and new client acquisition budget.

By increasing your Google Business Profile's rankings in Google Maps local search results and website in Google's organic search results for high-value, high-intent and highly-searched keywords, you'll generate more traffic which when coupled with an excellent Google review profile, will result in generating more leads to consult with and convert to new clients.

With our Accelerated SEO services, we go full throttle while using only white hat optimization strategies, tactics and methods, to get you fast and ongoing results.

As mentioned and shown in the video, we have our proprietary SEO ROI Estimation Calculator that estimates the number of leads, new clients, gross and legal fee revenue and ROI you can enjoy with a successful SEO strategy.

Note: For your convenience, here's the previous PDF I prepared and sent you regarding your current rankings for two (2) high-value keywords:

To check out, feel free to try our estimation calculator out, at:

III. Automated Lead System

As I discussed in the above video, our proprietary automated lead system is so versatile; it can be embedded and used in many ways, online and offline, including embedded on your website for up to 2X-4X more leads in the first 30 days, and higher thereafter. It may also be used in online advertising, TV commercials and radio spots (via link) and many more places.

When our system is on your site, you have the opportunity to engage all your site visitors and those that do can convert into leads and/or qualified leads (as our system allows us to build your 100% customizable campaign from the ground up and ask as many or as few questions as you want) to generate leads and/or qualified leads.

To learn more, please contact me using the contact information below.

Additional/Alternative Lead Options

The top 3 services I discussed in my initial email you responded to. In addition to those services, there are 2 additional services you may wish to consider:

IV. YouTube Lead Ads

YT Ads are a “blue ocean” opportunity for generating new leads and clients as not many law firms are leveraging this big opportunity. And with YouTube Ads, potential new clients may be targeted using Google’s Ad Network that contains up to THOUSANDS of data points on each person.

PLUS,  individuals who are ACTIVELY searching for your legal services on Google may be targeted so your YouTube video ad gets in front of them at the RIGHT time.

For example, a person was injured in a car accident in Las Vegas and are searching Google for the keyword “car accident lawyer Las Vegas."

When this person is searching that keyword (your keyword) on Google, YouTube will place your video ad in front of them…at the RIGHT time. This is a great way to generate leads.

To learn more about YouTube Lead Ads, contact me using my contact info below.

V. Retargeting

As soon as someone visits your website for the first time, they enter your retargeting campaign (when set up).

Then, wherever they go on the Internet, they see your law firm.

Whether on Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Yahoo, ESPN, WebMD… anywhere, wherever they are, whenever are… they’ll see your firm offering your legal services.

For more of an retargeting introduction, see

To learn even more, see:
Step 2. Contact Me
Eric, thank you for taking your valuable time to watch the video, which I hope you gained valuable insight and information for generating more leads and additional new clients every month with one or more digital marketing services options.

To answer any questions you have and discuss, feel free to call, text or email me, at:

Anthony Devine
Founder | Owner
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