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February 25, 2022

To: Tim Caress, Esq.; Lance Worland, Esq.

Below are screenshots of the monthly Google search volume for each of your four (4) stated keywords, along with your current Google Business Profile 3-Pack Rankings for each keyword, respectively, and keywords that collectively get more than 3,600 monthly Google searches and generate up to multiple hundreds of new leads every month:
To run free GBP 3-Pack rankings report for any of your keywords, visit:

After you review your above 3-Pack rankings, please let me know any questions you have.

As I said in my email, I highly recommend continuing our Accelerated Maps SEO service to not only improve these keywords' rankings, but also your other keywords (and many others) to increase your firm's...

Traffic, leads and new clients.

If you don't, you will continue to miss out on countless leads, new clients and additional legal fees.

To give you an estimate of your potential lead, new client and legal fee loses, visit our free Google Maps SEO Return on Investment Calculator, at:

We used the above estimation calculator to run an estimate based on the following assumptions:

Monthly Google Searches: 3,600
Average Lifetime Client Value: $10,000
Lead Conversion (Closing) Rate: 30%

Based on these assumptions, we estimate the following when your GBP ranks in the 3-Pack for each of the above 4 keywords throughout each Map shown:

New Leads Per Month: 216
New Clients Per Month: 65
Additional Monthly Gross Revenue: $650,000
Additional Monthly (1/3) Legal Fee Revenue:  $216,645
Estimated ROI: 4,333%

One More Topic ESSENTIAL to SEO, New Leads and Client Acquisition In 2022 (and Beyond):

A word about the importance and sheer magnitude of the one thing online that can literally make or break your new leads and new client acquisition.

I'm referring to  your online reputation and specifically...

Your Google reviews and your "Google review profile."

While your online reputation and Google reviews profile have been important for your lead generation and new client acquisition activity for several years...

Since late last Fall, we've seen a marked and heightened reliance by Google on your new and recent Google reviews as well as your Google review profile when ranking your GBP in the 3-Pack for your various keywords.

With higher GBP rankings, you get more traffic and leads, provided that, you have an excellent online reputation.

In addition, 97% of potential new clients read Google reviews and...

92%+ of potential new clients read your recent and new Google reviews to not only quickly assess your online reputation, but also use to decide whether to call or contact your firm OR your competition.

Accordingly, it pays (significantly) to attain and always maintain an excellent Google review profile in the form of more leads and new clients for less cost.

However, if you don't, you're leaving leads, new clients and legal fees on the table for your competitors to take advantage of and will continue doing so until you address and fix this issue.

To learn more about your Google review profile's importance for generating more leads and new clients for less cost as well as...

Our automated review gathering and reputation marketing system and services that include delivering an ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews, including up to 25-100+ in the first 5-30 days, on autopilot, visit:

*At a bare minimum and based on the above stats, Google's ranking reliance and much more (see for additional facts and reasons), we always highly recommend improving and maintaining your Google review profile at all times as your Google reviews are the key to short and long-term success and are proven to generate more leads and acquire additional new clients for less overall client acquisition cost, on a cost-per-lead basis and which can be significant. Click here for more information.
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Tim and Lance, thank you for taking your valuable time reviewing this custom page personalized to you and your law firm.

I trust you found the foregoing informative, beneficial and see the great value in resuming SEO on your Google Business Profile so that it's found in the 3-Pack for keywords potential new clients search everyday to find your legal services and as a result...

You gain significantly more traffic for more leads, new clients and legal fees.

To discuss and/or get (re)started with our Accelerated Maps SEO service and/or, call, text or email me, at:

Anthony Devine
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