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Bonus #1

How to Find Virtually Any U.S. Lawyer's Email Address FAST
To Find Lawyers' Email Addresses* - Click Here
**Directions - To find a lawyer's email address, you must know at a minimum and which you may find on any firm's website, the lawyer's: i) name; and ii) state lawyer is licensed to practice law in. To find websites, simply go to Google,
Bonus #2

Client-Getting (Law Firms) Masters Series For Local Agencies**
**Important - The following video training is from one of my prior product launches and I've removed two (2 ) videos that were strictly related to the product, a web app, and has no value or use with this bonus training area. All you need are the following eight (8) videos...
Video 1

Pre-Prospecting: Setting Your Income Goals
Video 2
Pre-Prospecting: Setting Yourself Up For Success
Video 3
Prospecting: Type & Size of Law Firms To Target
Video 4
Emailing Your Targeted Law Firm Prospects
Video 5
What to do When a Prospect Replies
Video 6
Managing Prospects (and Clients)
Video 7
Walkthrough Video (on iPhone)
Video 8
Converting Prospects to Clients
Additional Training and Collateral Content:
-  Email Templates - Click Here to Access

- Pipeline Google Sheets Spreadsheet - Click Here to Access

- Anatomy of a $12,500 Case Study - Click Here to Access

- Outsourcer List - Click Here To Access

- Cold Email Revenue Estimation Tool - Click Here to Access

- Revealed: How to Find Your LinkedIn Connections' Email Addresses - Click Here To Access
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