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For: Joseph Miklos, Esq.
Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C. 
Updated Monday, March 29, 2021

Hey Joseph,

It was great to speak with you today. Thanks again for your interest in our law firm leads and digital services. The following is the information we briefly discussed and I previously messaged you last Fall.

What follows reveals  how your firm can - very realistically - add up to and as calculated and estimated below, $720,000 or more of additional net fee revenue each year.


By taking advantage of a big opportunity your firm is currently missing out on that can add up to an additional 100-200+ exclusive phone leads each and every month (per office Google My Business ("GMB") listing) for your firm...

...Just like our law firm client here, which we helped generate 208 phone leads for in just 28 days:

How are we able to generate 200+ phone calls in under one month for a single location law office using just one lead generation strategy?

Simple. When it comes to law firm lead generation and new client acquisition, we find that nothing beats the potential, power and profitability of having your GMB listing* (click to view) found in the top three (3) Google Maps local search results (“3-Pack”) when potential clients are searching for your various legal services online.

*Important: This GMB listing is for your office located at 46th Fl, 140 Broadway, New York, NY 10005. This exclusive phone leads strategy and service works any/all of your GMB listings as well as for one (1) or more practice areas. And while I'm referring to and only using this one listing for the example on this page, we are more than happy to provide our service to one, all or certain of your GMB listings and/or practice areas. As we discussed, we offer discounted pricing for the second and all additional GMB listings we provide our optimization services for, which our service is discussed later on this page.

The 3-Pack, in many instances, is the only place potential clients look at (and to) before making their decision on which law firm to call and retain for their respective cases. After all, your GMB listing has everything they need to make their decision and call you, including your firm's:

-Phone Number
-Website URL
-Business Hours
-Law Firm Description
-Legal Category
-Google Reviews
-Google Reviews Rating
-Appointment Booking
-Messaging (New)
-And More

This makes increasing your GMB listing's online visibility into the 3-Pack an absolute must if you want to give your firm the ultimate advantage to continue to prosper and grow.

And if you don't?

You will (continue to) leave leads, clients and fees on the table for your competitors to happily take advantage of, which they are currently doing.

However, when your GMB listing is in the 3-Pack for keywords prospects search to find your legal services, you’re in the prime location and position to dominate your market, generate endless exclusive phone leads and scale your firm to the next level and beyond.

After all, Google Maps local search traffic is the single-most valuable online traffic source for law firms to convert from cold traffic to exclusive phone leads and clients because of each searcher’s "intent."

For example, when a person searches Google for one of your practice area's keywords, such as “nyc medical malpractice lawyer,"  which gets about 1,000 monthly Google searches (per Google's Keyword Planner Tool), he or she is most likely researching and/or intending to find a New York City area medical malpractice lawyer or law firm to consult with and potentially help them and/or a loved one with a med mal-related case or claim.

Here are the monthly Google search volumes for nyc medical malpractice lawyer and several related keywords Google searches potential leads are searching every month to find your medical malpractice-related legal services:
Now, the current 3-Pack results, along with your GMB listing's ranking, for the high-value keyword "nyc medical malpractice lawyer" is as follows:
Keyword: nyc medical malpractice lawyer (1,000 Google Searches/Month)
Your GMB Listing's Current Ranking >>>
As you can see, your GMB listing is currently not found in the above 3-Pack for this high-value keyword.

To find your listing, a prospect needs to bypass the 3-Pack listings, click or tap (on mobile) on the "View all" link at the bottom of the 3-Pack (see arrow pointing to "View all" link in above image), look through all 20 listings found on the 1st page after the 3-Pack, then continue scrolling down and pick your specific GMB listing in the #29 ranking position for "nyc medical malpractice lawyer," then click on it.  

The likelihood of this scenario occurring is virtually nil since each of your above competitors in the 3-Pack have solid Google review ratings and Google reviews.

Google (and other) reviews are very significant and key to not only getting more phone leads, but also higher conversions; that is, converting more leads to new clients as 85% of people - including potential clients - trust online reviews from complete strangers as much as a personal recommendation from a family member or friends.

In other words, there's really no reason for potential leads to click on "View all" for this (and other) keywords your GMB listing is not ranked in the 3-Pack and all your competitors in said 3-Packs have great Google reviews portfolios.  

Instead, they most likely will select and call one of your competitors within this 3-Pack, thus causing you to (continue to) miss out on countless leads and clients that could otherwise be yours if (and when) your GMB listing is found in the 3-Pack for this, along with many other med mal-related keywords (and perhaps either additional GMB listings for other office locations and/or keywords for other case types and/or practice areas, such as personal injury, including car accidents.

I'm sure you now see the value in having your GMB listing found in the 3-Pack for "nyc medical malpractice lawyer" and many other keywords, including those in the keywords image above, right?

And, wouldn't be helpful if you could quantify what ranking in the 3-Pack could mean to you and your firm from a lead generation and client acquisition perspective, along with an estimated return on investment ("ROI") for investing in your GMB listing's (or listings' if optimizing more than one) increased online visibility?

We thought so too, which is why we developed our Google Maps SEO ROI calculator which in a few seconds estimates your monthly and annual additional leads and new clients, along with your additional fee revenue (both on a contingency and non-contingency fee basis), your ROI and more when you rank for different keywords in the 3-Pack, based on:

i) the number of monthly Google searches for your primary keyword(s); that is, the most popular keyword(s) potential clients use to find your legal services via your GMB listing;

ii) your average gross fee per client (reduced to 1/3 for ROI purposes for contingency fee-based law firms only);

iii) your lead to client conversion (or closing) rate; and

iv) your monthly SEO investment

To give you an example of what is possible for your firm, we ran the following scenario using the total monthly search volume for "nyc medical malpractice lawyer," along with these assumptions for this one (1) GMB listing:

a) 1,000 Monthly Searches
b) $10,000 Average Gross Fee Per Client
c) 30% Lead Conversion Rate, and
d) $2,500 Monthly SEO Investment

Watch the following short video clip to see us run this ROI calculation in 5 seconds:
Based on the above assumptions, your estimated results for having just the one keyword in the 3-Pack are as follows:

Monthly 33.3% Contingency Fee-Based Estimate:

- 60 Additional New Phone Leads Per Month
- 18 Additional New Clients Per Month
- $60,000 Additional Net Fee Revenue Per Month ($180,000 monthly gross fee revenue)
- 2400% ROI

Annual 33.3% Contingency Fee-Based Estimate:

- 720 Additional New Phone Leads Per Year
- 216 Additional New Clients Per Year
- $720,000 Additional Net Fee Revenue Per Year ($2,160,000 monthly gross fee revenue)
- 2167% ROI

Note: For non-contingency fee-based clients (if ever relevant), your estimated monthly and annual additional net fee revenue and ROI would be three times (3X) that for contingency fee-based clients.

With an estimated $720,000 in additional annual fee revenue, we suspect you'd be very pleased with this result or something similar, correct?

Even at just half of this annual fee estimate, or $360,000, would be a game-changer, wouldn't it?

And while the above figures are estimates, they quantify and reveal what is possible for your firm when your GMB listing ranks for just the one above keyword, nyc medical malpractice lawyer

Imagine these estimates:

-When your NYC Broadway office's GMB listing ranks for several high-value keywords for even more leads (which we'd research your keywords prior to starting campaign to know which to optimize for); and/or

-Your actual average client value is higher than $10,000; and/or

-One of more new clients resulted in a 6-7 figure settlement or verdict; and/or

-Your actual conversion rate is higher than 30%; etc.

Now imagine if all your GMB listings - one listing per office - ranked in the 3-Pack for various, high-value keywords...

...You could be generating up to hundreds of new phone leads per month per location!

My point is that increasing one or more of your GMB listings' online visibility represents a massive opportunity for you to leverage, take advantage of and take your firm to the next level (and beyond).

I recommend you input your actual figures and/or percentages (if known) into our calculator below so you can estimate for yourself what it can mean to your firm when your GMB listing(s) are in the 3-Pack for relevant keywords like those above:
Google Maps SEO ROI Calculator
(For Contingency and Non-Contingency Fee-Based Law Firms)
Disclaimer: For educational purposes only

Directions: Double-click on blue cells to enter actual or estimated figures and percentage: 
Joseph, thanks again for your time today, both on the phone as well as reviewing this custom page personalized to you and your law firm.

I trust you found this informative, beneficial and see the great value in having your GMB listing (or listings) found in the 3-Pack for keywords prospects search to find your legal services and potentially work with and help them with their respective legal issues.

If you want to take advantage of your big opportunity, we have our proven solution to getting more exclusive phone leads, clients and fee revenue while achieving more than a satisfactory ROI and taking your firm to the next level and beyond:

Our Accelerated Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimization Service ("Maps Local SEO").

With our accelerated Maps Local SEO service, we start every client's new service by accelerating six (6) months of Maps optimization work and complete same within 60-90 days of your start date.  Actual completion time typically averages between about 55-75 days depending on several factors, including competition, keywords and more.

By front-loading and safely accelerating large amounts of our work at the onset of our service, we can get you significantly faster results as compared to non-accelerated Maps optimization. That is, more exclusive phone leads faster than you would otherwise receive, thus giving you more opportunities to consult with and convert more prospects into your newest clients

After completing your acceleration period, you can anticipate having increased GMB listing(s) visibility for more keywords and more phone leads as a result. We then continue our work with ongoing and advanced optimization strategies to enhance, solidify and ensure that your GMB listing(s) are galvanized and do not slip in the Google Maps local search results and that your GMB listing(s) has your phones ringing off the hook with new leads to convert to clients.

Note that for all our services, including accelerated Maps Local SEO, we offer on a month-to-month basis and do not require any long-term contracts or monthly minimums and, we only ask for 30 days advance notice to ramp down and cease our service. We also provide you with detailed monthly reporting, call tracking and, at your option, quarterly (or more frequent) conference calls to discuss results, future planning, goals and objectives and more.

For law firm client ranking case studies, review the last four (4) pages of this PDF - Click Here.

If you have any questions and/or are ready to get started with our accelerated Maps Local SEO service, please call or email me, at:

Anthony Devine
Founder & Owner | eDigitalWave
(843) 290-9950

Note that we offer additional lead services, which you may learn more about at: 


Thanks, Joseph. I look forward to hearing from you and speaking again soon.

Best Regards,

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