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Generate New Leads, Nurture And Convert Into Prospects And Booked Consultations, On Autopilot!

BoltLeads  |  Start Converting More Website Visitors Into Qualified Leads NOW And 3X-6X+ More Qualified Leads In Only 30 Days With Our Proprietary Automated Law Firm Leads and Consultation Booking System

BoltLeads  |  Automated Law Firm Leads and Consultation Booking System

Introducing BoltLeads, our lightning fast (hence, the name), proven, proprietary automated law firm leads and consultation booking system that immediately goes to work for you 24/7/365 to convert up to 3x-6x (or more) of your website visitors into qualified leads – or potential new clients (“PNC” or”PNCs”) to consult with and close into new clients, all in just the first 30 days, and…

That is just the tip of the iceberg as to what BoltLeads can do for your law firm.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, tried or used before, BoltLeads proactively works on your behalf, on autopilot, to turn your website into your very own new leads and client acquisition machine by engaging, nurturing and converting your website visitors into PNCs.

BoltLeads does so by asking each of your site visitors engaging with BoltLeads a series of fully-customizable questions, including name, phone number and email address (“Contact Information”), along with your custom questions based on your specific needs and practice area(s) requirements, to qualify (or not qualify) each lead.

Have BoltLeads ask as many or as few questions as you want, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to targeting (or highly-targeting or even hyper-targeting) each visitor to qualify leads for one (1) or more of your practice areas.

Depending on each of their answers and your requirements, BoltLeads assigns each engaged visitor as either a:

  • PNC; or
  • Non-qualified Lead (“NQLead”)

For every new PNC or NQLead BoltLeads generates, you automatically receive a real-time SMS/text and/or email notification (“Notification”) notifying you or your designated intake personnel you have a new PNC or NQLead.

Each Notification will include your PNC or NQLeads’ Contact Information, along with their answers to all your custom questions.

Re NQLeads – We provide you with NQLead Notifications for your review and records (and to follow up with any to clarify their answers, reconsider as a PNC, refer to another law firm and/or other reasons).

After an engaged visitor is designated as either a PNC or NQLead and a Notification is sent to you or your designated intake personnel, BoltLeads will either, depending on your preference:

  1. Follow-up with and nurture your PNCs on your behalf, encouraging and requesting each PNC to schedule (inside of BoltLeads) a consultation call or in-person meeting on your firm’s calendar so you and/or designated intake personnel may speak to and consult with those PNCs that schedule an appointment on your calendar through BoltLeads, or;
  2. Stop interacting with PNCs so that you or your intake personnel may (immediately/promptly) follow-up with, call and consult with each PNC to convert into your new clients.

Of course, you or anyone at your firm may call and/or contact any PNCs at any time, including those PNCs BoltLeads is continuing to engage and nurture in #1 above. If at anytime you want BoltLeads to stop interacting with a PNC, you simply email or text us to let us know and we will promptly cease any further interactions with the PNC.

BoltLeads  |  For More PNCs and New Clients Fast With Existing/Future Phone and Web Form Leads

In addition to converting your website visitors into new PNCs and NQLeads, BoltLeads can also qualify, nurture and follow-up with your past/existing and future phone and/or web form leads (“Leads”) generated elsewhere with a very special campaign that has the capability to more than cover your investment in BoltLeads.

By taking advantage of and leveraging your existing and future Leads you already generated or will in the future…

BoltLeads gives you the flexibility and opportunity to convert even more Leads into Prospects to consult with and convert to new clients, thus squeezing out additional Prospects and new clients from valuable marketing dollars you’ve already spent and/or spend in the future.

This feature alone can increase your conversions by up to an additional 2X-10X+ and…

That’s not even all BoltLeads can do for you and your law firm.

Not even close.

BoltLeads  |  Count the Many Additional Strategies For Generating Even More Leads, PNCs and New Clients

BoltLeads can also generate new Leads (and PNCs) for you through a myriad of additional online and offline methods and strategies, including, but not limited to:

Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Ads, Google Ads (PPC), YouTube Ads, social media posts and bios, Instagram automated direct messaging (expected availability August 2021), retargeting, TV ads, radio spots, even billboards, SMS/text, QR codes, email, links and more.

Are you starting to understand and see the absolute magnitude of BoltLeads’ sheer power, potential and profitability, all just waiting for you to take advantage of?

And we still haven’t even scratched the surface; there’s even more because…

BoltLeads also frees up to hundreds of hours of prospecting time each month for you as well as your firm’s other attorneys, intake personnel and staff, potentially saving you up to tens of thousands (or more) dollars in wages, benefits and other expenses each and every month.

By giving you time back, you can focus providing excellent work and service to your existing (and future) clients.

And, BoltLeads is like having up to several lead generation experts working for you around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Yet, unlike its human counterparts, BoltLeads will never take a lunch or coffee break, show up late to work, call in sick, or ask to go on vacation.

Instead, BoltLeads will continuously, tirelessly and effortlessly work on your behalf to generate more Leads and PNCs to help you get more clients and additional legal fee revenue.

BoltLeads  |  Take Your Next Step for More Leads, PNCs and New Clients

Automation is the future of law firm marketing, management and conversion, so…

Get ahead of the curve and your competition now.

With everything it can do for your new client acquisition (and more), BoltLeads is your opportunity to make your very best and top marketing investment in your law firm.

Let BoltLeads do your heavy lifting for you while you leave your competitors in the dust and take your law firm to the next level and beyond.

It’s that simple.

For a free demo and/or to learn more about BoltLeads and how you can convert up to 3x-6x (or more) of your website visitors, PLUS your old, current and future Leads into PNCs, to consult with and convert into your newest clients in the next 30-60 days and beyond…

And a whole lot more to further increase your conversions up to 1,200% (12X) or more, call, text or email us today for your free strategy session, at:

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