Double or Even Triple (2X to 3X+) Your Law Firm's Leads, New Clients and Attorneys Fees in Only 6-12 Months!
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Would you like to double or even triple (2X to 3X+) your firm's leads, new clients and fee revenue in just 6 to 12 months?

And would you like to continue to exponentially grow your law firm thereafter?

If you answered 'yes' to one or both questions (and why wouldn't you, right?!), then you will want (and need) to continue reading what I believe is the single-most important page you will read not only this year, but very possibly ever.

FYI: With our three (3) keys (see below) and related services, you can (and will) get new leads and new clients faster than that; it just takes some additional time to ramp up to 2X-3X+ and beyond!

Before continuing, a very brief introduction...

I'm the founder & owner of eDigitalWave, a leading law firm lead generation and full-service digital services agency. Our expert digital marketing team has 150+ years combined experience working with law firms of all sizes to generate highly-targeted, exclusive phone and web form leads for our clients to consult with and convert to new clients.

Our team has ranked 2,100+ Google My Business ("GMB") listings on page 1 of Google, in the Top 3 of the Google Maps local search results aka "3-Pack" and, has built 1,000+ and also ranked 2,600+ websites on page 1 of Google. Further down this page you will find some case studies of the phone leads we've generated by ranking law firm GMB listings and websites.

What follows on this page is your ultimate game-changer for 2021... and beyond:

Your roadmap to DOUBLING and even TRIPLING your leads, new clients and fee revenue in under 12 months, then continuing to exponentially grow your law firm's client base and fee revenues in the future.
Your Roadmap: The Three (3) Keys to Your Endless Flood of Exclusive Phone Leads and 2X to 3X (and Higher) Your Client Base and Fee Revenues in 2021 and Beyond!
Your three (3) keys to getting an ongoing torrent of exclusive phone and web form leads to 2X-3X+ your client base and fee revenues in under twelve (12) months are as follows:
Key #1: Google Maps & Your GMB Listing 
First, your GMB listing (or listings, if you have multiple office locations) must be claimed, verified and properly optimized to be eligible to rank in the 3-Pack for the high-value, high-intent keywords potential clients are searching Google to find your legal services.

When your GMB listing(s) rank in the 3-Pack, you're in prime position to get results like those shown in the above example - 206 phone calls from a law firm client's GMB listing in just 28 days.

Note: Additional law firm client lead case studies may be found later on this page.

For law firm lead generation and new client acquisition, nothing beats the profitability of your GMB listing(s) being found in the 3-Pack for keywords potential clients are searching to find your legal services online.

This is especially the case when considering that as of March 2021, more than 88.6% of online searches start on Google, as shown here at StatCounter's website, an online-leading global statistics keeper:
With these search statistics, if your GMB listing(s) and website are not found on page 1 of Google, it's almost as if your law firm doesn't even exist.

Are you beginning to see and understand the importance of your GMB listing(s) (and website) being ranked in the 3-Pack and page 1 of Google, respectively, for keywords your potential clients are searching Google (as well other search engines above) to find your legal services?

For many local Google searches, the 3-Pack is likely one of the only places online prospective clients research and review prior to deciding which law firm to call and retain for their cases and matters.

The other? Your website, which we will discuss in Key #2 below.
One big reason prospects only review GMB listings is because up to 70% or more search using their mobile device and, your GMB listing provides prospects with everything they need to know and read, including Google reviews (see Key #3 below), to make their decision whether to call you or one of your competitors to discuss their case or matter.

As shown in the iPhone screenshot to right for "car accident lawyer miami, fl," this 3-Pack includes each law firm's name, address, hours, Google reviews (with total reviews and review rating), along with "click-to-call" (CTC) for prospects to quickly tap on any mobile device and virtually instantly connected to a firm's phone - CTC is very powerful and profitable when your Google reviews (as you will see soon in Key #3) are in order. And, there's even more information when tapping on a firm's GMB listing.
In the above keyword 3-Pack example, the law firms ranked #1 and #3, respectively, are undoubtedly getting the overwhelming majority of all leads AND clients because of their rankings and Google reviews.

By now, you should be able to visualize that when your GMB listing(s) is/are claimed, verified and properly optimized and, you have a solid Google reviews portfolio, your GMB listing(s) can be in the 3-Pack for many valuable keywords and, most importantly, your phones will ring off the hook with more leads needing (and wanting) your legal service.

And if you don't do this? You will continue to leave countless leads, clients and fees on the table for your competitors to take full advantage of, which believe me, they are feasting on right now and...would want nothing more than to continue to do.

To learn how to rank your GMB listing(s) in the 3-Pack for high-value keywords and get your phones ringing off the hook with leads, continue reading further down this page to learn about our proven Accelerated Maps Local Search Engine Optimization Service ("Maps SEO"), but first, Key #2.
Key #2: Mobile-Friendly and Properly Setup & Optimized (including Google AMP-Enabled) Website
Your second key to doubling or even tripling your new clients and attorneys fees in under 12 months, and continuing future exponential growth thereafter is...

...Your website must be mobile-friendly and also, properly setup & optimized, including mobile-optimized (and Google AMP-enabled). This is vital and timely, especially given Google's major "page experience" algorithm update, which Google has now scheduled for Mid-June, 2021 (from May, 2021).

This algorithm update is expected to have massive implications, which means tons of page 1 Google rankings, traffic, leads and new clients will be up for grabs, both for and from websites AND GMB listings. The algorithm update winners will be law firms that have their 3 Keys in order.

Is your firm prepared? If not or, if you're not sure, contact us now and we can take a look for you and let you know.

In the meantime, AMP stands for "Accelerated Mobile Pages" and Google designed it to help website owners create mobile-optimized content that instantly loads on all devices, which improves a site user's page experience.

Faster page loading times leads to better user (prospect) engagement, reduction in bounce rate, which means prospects will stay on your website longer, thus increasing your lead opportunities.

And with a better page experience, your website's mobile and organic rankings can dramatically improve lightning fast as we find an overwhelming vast majority of law firm websites are not AMP-enabled.

Is your site?

To find out, check out Google's AMP test page now at:

When properly setup and optimized (including AMP-enabled), your website is primed to be on page 1 of Google for valuable keywords and generating more traffic and leads, thus putting you in the most desirable position to convert more leads to clients and take your firm to the next level and beyond.

If your website is not, however, you will find it very challenging to rank on page 1 of Google and consequently, your competition - and not your law firm - will dominate getting phone leads that could otherwise be yours to consult with and convert to new clients.

Don't let this happen...or continue to happen. Instead, take control and follow your 3 Key Roadmap to get your desired results, which includes this key #2, because when you do, your firm can...

...2X-3X+ new clients and fee revenue in 6-12 months, then continuing to exponentially grow your dream law firm.

With our organic (website) SEO service, we've got you more than covered. In addition to AMP-enabling your website, we will also properly optimize it for valuable keyword rankings to generate massive influxes of traffic, along with leads to convert to your next clients.

Now, onto Key #3...
๐Ÿ”‘ ๐Ÿ”‘๐Ÿ”‘
Key #3: Google Reviews
Third and last, but not in the very least at all, you must have and implement a successful and real Google review plan; a Google reviews plan that enables you to get:

i) many Google 5-Star reviews lightning fast; and

ii) a consistent and ongoing flow of 5-star Google reviews over the long-term, along with an overall Google reviews rating as close to 5.0 as possible.

But why?

According to BrightLocal's December 2020 review survey, there are many important reasons, including that:

- About 92% of prospects read reviews prior to deciding which lawyer or law firm to call about their case or legal matter;

- Approximately 80% of prospects trust online reviews as much as a personal referral or recommendation from a family member or friend, effectively making Google reviews the 21st century equivalent of your firm's "rainmaker" and Yellow Pages all rolled into one and on steroids;

- 50% of prospects will only consider those reviews written and posted within the past two (2) weeks as relevant and, 86% of prospects believe reviews older than 3 months are not relevant; and

- 52% of people will not consider a law firm with an overall Google review rating of less than 4.0.

Also, according to a recent Harvard study, for every 0.5 (1/2) star improvement to your overall review rating increases revenue by up to 11%, which can be significantly higher when a new client's case or matter turns into a 6- or 7-figure settlement or verdict.

Here's the deal...

...When your Google review portfolio is in order; that is your firm has new, recent and many 5-Star reviews, along with an overall Google review rating of 5.0 or as close as possible...

...You will not only get more leads on an ongoing and predictive basis, you will also have a... ...

...Higher lead-to-client conversion (closing) rate; that is, you will convert more leads to clients...and more attorneys fees.

Thus, your Google reviews goals and objectives are simple and straight-forward:

Get and continue getting as many 5-star Google reviews as possible and increase your overall Google review rating to 5.0 or as close to 5.0 as possible.

If you don't?

You will continue to leave leads, clients and fees on the table for your competitors to continue to take full advantage of.

Also, if you don't take care of your Google reviews, it will be more challenging (and expensive) to get the results you want.

Fortunately, we have our proven Rapid Reviews System and Funnel ("Rapid Reviews") to get 20-75+ 5-Star Google reviews in 5-30 days as well as a non-stop, consistent and ongoing flow of Google reviews with our autopilot Google review funnel feature.

More on Rapid Reviews momentarily. For now, let's continue with...
Client Case Studies and Our '3 Key' Services
Now that you have your 3 key rules for the road to your law firm's success in 2021 and beyond, we are going to share some examples of the type of results you can expect when working with us.

Please note that we are starting with Key #3, Google reviews, at this stage because without a solid Google reviews portfolio, you will find it very challenging to maximize your leads and new clients and, even when you acquire new leads and clients, it will cost you more on a per-lead basis than it ever should.

That's because both today and tomorrow's prospects are sophisticated in terms of online search and research. As the BrightLocal Survey findings indicated above, potential clients read and heavily rely on Google reviews prior to deciding which law firm to call regarding their cases and matters.

As stated in Key #3, Rapid Reviews is our proven Google reviews programs for generating Google reviews both lightning quick and, over the long-term on a consistent and ongoing basis, on autopilot.

If you need help with your Google reviews - and we find that more than 8 out of every 10 law firms do, you'll be excited to learn that our Rapid Reviews System & Funnel gets fast results like this:
And as shown to the left, one of our law firm clients was easily able to generate forty-four (44) 5-Star Google reviews in only the first twenty-nine (29) days of implementing and using our Rapid Reviews System and Funnel.

To say the least, our client was (and is) ecstatic as they went from having only four (4) Google reviews with only a 3.0 rating to more than 155+ Google reviews and a very respectable 4.9 overall Google reviews rating. 
In addition to getting an initial burst of 25 to 75+ 5-Star Google reviews (or more, depending on your firm's existing client base size) in only 5-30 days, with our Rapid Reviews System and Funnel service, we will also custom-build and create your own Rapid Reviews funnel during your initial 5-Star Google reviews "burst" period. This will provide your firm with an uninterrupted and continuous flow of 5-Star Google reviews that are generated hands-free and on autopilot.

It doesn't get any easier than that.

To give you an idea of what your funnel will look like from inside our funnel building software's dashboard, here's a screenshot of one of our law firm client's 5-Star Google reviews funnel flow:
...Which generates Google reviews on autopilot, just like we did for this client with 308 Google reviews and a 5.0 overall Google reviews rating:
So whether you have no, few, bad, old and/or no clue how to get Google reviews, we have you covered with Rapid Reviews.

To learn more, call, email or text me anytime using my contact information at the top and bottom of this page. Or, click here for additional information about our Rapid Reviews System and Funnel.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention - the perfect segue into Key #1 - that the personal injury law firm client in the above image also ranks #1 in the Google Maps 3-Pack for a highly-competitive, high-value keyword "city+car accident lawyer," which gets about 1,900 monthly Google searches. This one (1) keyword alone generates up to 100-150+ phone leads per month.

How do we do it?

With our proven Maps SEO service, which generates exclusive phone leads by increasing your GMB listing's online visibility (rankings) in the 3-Pack for valuable, high-intent keywords your potential clients are searching online to find the solution (your legal services) to their case or matter.

We get quick results by instituting our proprietary accelerated GMB campaign process at the onset of your campaign. We start your campaign by accelerating and compressing six (6) months of GMB optimization work and complete same in only 60-90 days of your start date.

At the conclusion of the acceleration period, we then continue proactively managing and optimizing your GMB listing with advanced and other optimization strategies and methods to not only enhance and/or maintain your GMB listingโ€™s keyword rankings, but also get your phones ringing with leads like this...

...158 calls from our client's GMB listing leveraging Key #1 and another 132 calls from their website ("Google Organic") by taking advantage of Key #2, with all of these calls occurring in just one (1) month:
Here's another 206 phone leads in one (1) month for another client's GMB listing, which was also an 121% increase in GMB calls from the prior month:
And here's an example of ranking one of our personal injury law firm clients #1 BOTH their GMB listing in the 3-Pack and website in Google's organic search results for their primary keyword "city+car accident lawyer":
When it comes to ranking your GMB listing in the 3-Pack and, your website on page 1 of Google's organic search results for high-value, intent-based keywords, all you need is our proven proprietary Maps and organic SEO strategies, methods and services to put you on the road to success that will allow you to...
...Quickly DOMINATE Google by generating increased rankings to substantially increase your firm's online visibility and exponentially improve your GMB listing(s) and website's traffic, resulting in MANY more exclusive phone and online web form leads from prospects, period.

In other words, you'll be in prime position to consult with more and more leads, convert more leads to new clients and generate additional fee income, all while enjoying a very healthy return on investment ("ROI").*

*Now for the very exciting part for you: To quantify what it can financially mean for your firm when your GMB listing(s) and website enjoy increased online visibility; that is, estimate how many additional new leads, new clients and increased fee revenue your firm can enjoy monthly and on an annual basis:

1. Watch this short, but must-see video I guarantee you will be so happy you watched:
Comment: To check out the page and keyword example "car accident lawyer miami" referenced in the above video, which also includes more valuable information, visit:
2. Then check out (and be prepared to be amazed) our proprietary GMB Listing and Website SEO Leads & ROI Estimation Tool and calculator to generate your firm's very own new leads, new clients, additional attorneys fees and ROI estimates in under 10 seconds by clicking here.
Your Next Move...
Now that you know the three (3) keys to 2X-3X+ your leads, new clients and attorneys fees in 2021, it's time to make your next move, so...

...Call, text or email me now to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation call with me or one of my team members.
We'll discuss your firm's past and current marketing initiatives, our lead services and determine how we may best help your firm get maximum leads, along with both quick and long-lasting results with your own customized solution.

Note that for all of our services, we never require any long-term contracts or commitment and, just 30 days advance notice to stop any service to allow us to properly ramp down our service(s) and your associated campaign(s)... not that you'll ever want to.

We also provide you with detailed monthly reporting, including call tracking, and quarterly calls (or more frequently, at your option) to discuss your results, along with future planning, goals and objectives and more.

Exclusivity: Unlike some digital agencies, we never work with more than one (1) client in the same โ€œmarket + practice areaโ€ at the same time because to do otherwise, in our opinion, is unethical and immoral to pit two (2) law firm clients against one another where only one (1) can be #1. Thus, our ability to work with you is subject to our availability.

Call, email or text me now to discuss our law firm lead and digital marketing services and how to lock in your exclusive spot with us before one of your competitors does.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Anthony Devine
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